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Update: Google Scholar Off-Campus Access Issue

UPDATE 25 March 2015:
Google Scholar is working again off-campus!
Thank you for your patience. 

A problem has been reported with using Google Scholar off-campus, where the links to Full Text@UTS are not appearing. We are working on resolving this as soon as possible, but in the meantime, please try:

Bookmarklet: UTS Library Proxy
"A bookmarklet is a 'one-click' tool which adds functionality to the browser" (Mozilla, n.d.), normally using Javascript. 
1. Go to the Research Blog called UTS Library Bookmarklets.
2. Click and drag the UTS Library Proxy one to your bookmarks bar.
3. Go to http://scholar.google.com and do your searches. If you click on a link and it asks you to pay, click that 'UTS Library Proxy' bookmark, and it'll reload that page with UTS information. It may ask you to login using your student number/password, but should get you full text most of the time, same as if you'd clicked through the UTS version of Google Scholar.

You can also contact the Library for assistance using Ask a Librarian.


The UTS Library Bookmarklets

Sknight's picture
Sknight, 1 year ago

The UTS Library Bookmarklets link gives an "access denied" error.  Is there a current link?  And a page describing to students how they access readings on the web (e.g., using the bookmarklet, or logging in other ways)

Hello! My apologies for that.

Librarian Ashley's picture
Librarian Ashley, 1 year ago

Hello! My apologies for that. We are looking into the bookmarklets to see why they aren't working and will get back to you with some more information.

For help on finding your readings, I recommend checking our Orientation module in HeadsUp. It has a guide on how to understand your reading list as well as finding books and articles. If you need any help, please feel free to contact a librarian to provide some more assistance. 


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