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Shut Up & Write is back! Register NOW for UTS Library's popular writing club

For PhD students and early career researchers*

Shut Up & Write is a writing bootcamp run by UTS Library, and over the course of eight weeks we’ll provide you with an environment to focus exclusively on your writing. Each week we will ask you to come in, sit down, and write. No excuses.

It’s a simple method, but very effective. Shut Up and Write turns the initially daunting task of writing into something that simply occurs as an everyday activity. We’ll offer you the opportunity to shut out the world and make writing a habit. Soon enough, you’ll be writing freely and easily - simply because that’s what you’ve become used to.

  • When: Wednesdays 8am - 10am
  • Where: Room 4.L, City Campus Library
  • Dates: 8 April - 27 May

If you wish to register for a place in the program, fill out this form.

* Spaces are limited, but we’re happy to accommodate other students where possible. Please use the form above to express your interest.