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Magna Carta: 800th Anniversary Talk

It has been called democracy’s birth certificate, but 800 years later, most of Magna Carta is as outdated as the Latin it is written in, with rules on how to repay debts owed to Jewish moneylenders and what widths to make dyed cloth. Still, the charter remains a powerful symbol of justice triumphing over tyranny, especially in our time, when the concepts of freedom and fairness are in constant flux.

To commemmorate the 800th anniversary of this powerful document, UTS Library is hosting a talk by Geoff Holland.

Magna Carta: Law and Legend
3-5pm, Monday 15 June
Level 2 - Events Space, City Campus Library 

Over the past eight centuries Magna Carta, as a symbol, has held a powerful and empowering place in the imaginations of lawyers and judges. This talk explores the history of the Magna Carta in the eight centuries since King John first acceded to its provisions at Runnymede on June 15 1215. Seen by many as the capstone of individual liberties, this talk explores the relevance of Magna Carta to the modern world, both in Australia and internationally.

Geoff is a Lecturer in Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties in the Faculty of Law.

All are welcome. 

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