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News article: UTS Green (August 2013)
As the new campus starts to take shape its worth pausing to consider some of the elements that make up green buildings.

The underground Library Retrieval System (LRS) won't just have a grassy green roof, the actual concrete used in construction is also 'green'.

Take a look through the viewing windows of the construction hording and you can see the cement roof which is made using 100% recycled water and 25% manufactured sand (from crusher dust to reduce the pressure on mining limited natural sand).

Also notice the weird nozzle looking structure up the Thomas St end (see middle photo). This is a skylight and viewing portal to allow natural light into the LRS as well as prying eyes wanting a peek at the library robot beneath.

Site Ariel - 18 July 2013 LRS Skylight Ceiling Insulation

Photo credit: Danny Hung - Program Management Office 

  • Photo 1: Site ariel taken 18 July 2013
  • Photo 2: Formwork for the LRS skylight
  • Photo 3: Ceiling insulation within the LRS