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True or False 2 Question Survey - September 2013

Please help us plan for the future by answering the following super quick survey on the role of the Library in your education.

2 Question Survey - September 2013


The statement "We need to

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Jennifer, 6 years ago

The statement "We need to shift libraries from places where you look up facts to places where you learn skills and engage in new experiences.” poses a false dichotomy. The need to be able to look up, not just facts but opinions in the history of ideas, remains a crucial library function.
The shift to digital media does not change this - it only changes the medium from paper and ink to electronic formats. We may "look up facts" by viewing a movie rather than reading a paper but this does not change the function of the library as a place where we access information.
Accessing information whether by critical reading, critical listening or critical viewing is the key skill and this is not changed by re-formulating it as "engaging in new experiences".

well said. and just another

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Ruairidh, 6 years ago

well said. and just another note, there's no reason why we can't do both in a library. surprising how little the question has been thought through, considering it's directed at people who are being taught by this very institution to think critically

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