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Long Bay

Eleanor Limprecht, is enrolled in the Doctorate of Creative Arts in Writing, University of Technology Sydney

Set in Sydney in the first decade of the 1900s, Long Bay is based on the true case of a young female abortionist who was convicted of manslaughter and served out her sentence in the newly opened Long Bay Women’s Reformatory – the first of its kind in Australia. The woman, Rebecca Sinclair, was pregnant when she went to prison.

Long Bay looks at how Rebecca became involved in the burgeoning illegal
abortion racket in Edwardian-era Sydney and how she was drawn into Donald
Sinclair’s underworld. In unadorned prose, it examines the limiting effects of
poverty, the mistakes we make for love, and the bond between mother and

Lace Narratives

Cecilia Heffer, Senior Lecturer, School of Design, University of Technology Sydney

Edited and designed
Zoë Sadokierski, Lecturer, School of Design, University of Technology Sydney

Published by and available at: UTS ePRESS

Lace Narratives: A monograph, 2005 – 2015 documents Cecilia Heffer’s innovative lace-making practice over a decade, including major exhibitions and commissions. This publication examines ways that Cecilia’s research practice responds to changing ideas and technologies as a means to extend our perception of textiles. It presents an in-depth reflection on studio practice in a discursive spirit, responding to the question: What has the studio enquiry revealed that could not have been revealed through other modes of research? 1

The publication is composed of a digital edition of the book, along with a seven-minute video documenting Cecilia creating the lace-work Drawn ThreadsA print-on-demand edition of the book will be available to purchase shortly.

Additionally, a limited edition artist’s book with lace samples bound into the pages will be publicly available through selected libraries and museums, including the UTS Library.

Through these different components, the audience can watch Cecilia’s lace-making innovations in the documentary video, read critical reflections on her research and creative process, and handle lace samples. This combination affords a holistic understanding of Cecilia’s practice-led research and material output. 

This is an experimental publication model conceived by Zoë Sadokierski for the MediaObject book series and produced with support from the UTS Library.

1. Barrett, E. & Bolt, B. (eds) 2010, Practice as Research: Approaches to Creative Arts Enquiry, I.B. Tauris & Co., London and New York. 

Mrs Mort's Madness

Suzanne Falkiner, Doctorate in Creative Arts, University of Technology Sydney

Four days before Christmas 1920, the troubled North Shore mother of two and budding actress Dorothy Mort shot her lover dead in cold blood. The tragic end to the brief affair with dashing young doctor, cricket star and War hero, Dr Claude Tozer, scandalised Sydney. Dorothy's respectable husband was devastated. Following a trial that mesmerised the public and sent the media into a frenzy, Dorothy was declared a not guilty on the ground of insanity and sentenced to nine years in Long Bay gaol. Upon her release, she returned to her husband and quietly lived out the rest of her life ... But was she really mad, or bad, or neither? In an absorbing blend of investigative non-fiction and biography, Suzanne Falkiner delves into the case that has bewitched Sydney for almost 100 years.

Fashion Writing and Criticism : history, theory, practice

Peter McNeil, Professor of Design History, Associate Dean (Research) and Director of Higher Degree by Research Programs, University of Technology Sydney as well as Professor of Fashion Studies at Stockholm University
Sandra Miller

Fashion Writing and Criticism provides students with the tools to critique fashion with skill and style. Explaining the history and theory of criticism, this innovative text demonstrates how the tradition of criticism has developed and how this knowledge can be applied to fashion, enabling students to acquire the methods and proper vocabulary to be active critics themselves.

Integrating history and theory, this innovative book explains the development of fashion writing, the theoretical basis on which it sits, and how it might be improved and applied. Through concise snapshot case studies, top international scholars McNeil and Miller analyse fashion excerpts in relation to philosophical ideas and situate them within historical contexts. Case studies include classic examples of fashion writing, such as Diana Vreeland at Harper's Bazaar and Richard Martin on Karl Lagerfeld, as well as contemporary examples such as Suzy Menkes and the blogger Tavi.

Accessibly written, Fashion Writing and Criticism enables readers to understand, assess and make value judgments about the fascinating and changeable field of fashion. It is an invaluable text for students and researchers alike, studying fashion, journalism, history and media studies.

Panthers & the Museum of Fire

Jen Craig, Masters of Arts in Writing (Research) graduate, University of Technology Sydney

Panthers and the Museum of Fire was recently awarded five stars by Australian book industry magazine Books & Publisher.

Panthers and the Museum of Fire is a novella about walking, memory and writing. The narrator walks from Glebe to a central Sydney cafe to return a manuscript by a recently-dead writer. While she walks, the reader enters the narrator's entire world: life with family and neighbours, narrow misses with cars, her singular friendships, dinner conversations and work. We learn of her adolescent desire for maturity and acceptance through a brush with religion, her anorexia, the exercise of that power when she was powerless in every other aspect of her life.

A Practical Guide to in-Depth Interviewing

Alan Morris, Associate Professor, Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Governance, University of Technology Sydney

Are you new to qualitative research or a bit rusty and in need of some inspiration? Are you doing a research project involving in-depth interviews? Are you nervous about carrying out your interviews? 

This book will help you complete your qualitative research project by providing a nuts and bolts introduction to interviewing. With coverage of ethics, preparation strategies and advice for handling the unexpected in the field, this handy guide will help you get to grips with the basics of interviewing before embarking on your research. While recognising that your research question and the context of your research will drive your approach to interviewing, this book provides practical advice often skipped in traditional methods textbooks. 

Written with the needs of social science students and those new to qualitative research in mind, the book will help you plan, prepare for, carry out and analyse your interviews.  

King of the Road

Nigel Bartlett, Research Masters graduate in Creative Writing at University of Technology Sydney

When David's 11-year-old nephew, Andrew, goes missing and David finds the finger pointed at him, he has no choice but to strike out on his own - an unlikely vigilante running away from the police and his own family, and running towards what he hopes desperately is the truth about Andrew's disappearance.

David Kingsgrove is a man on a mission. An ordinary man - and an extraordinary mission. It is a mission that will turn him into someone he never thought he would be: the King of the Road, the loner on the highway, the crusader for a sort of justice he has never had to seek before.

Time is not on his side. But David doesn't need time - he just needs to find Andrew. Andrew had been a regular visitor to David's home right up until the day he disappeared, walking out David's front door to visit a neighbour. It doesn't take long for the police to decide that David - a single man in his thirties, living alone - is their suspect. Soon David's own family - Andrew's parents - will share that opinion. But David knows that he didn't take Andrew.

Realising that the only way Andrew will be found is if he finds him - the police, after all, are fixated on David as their suspect and are not looking anywhere else - David turns to the one person who he knows will help him: Matty an ex-cop now his personal trainer, whose own son disappeared several years before.

David sets out on the road, frantically pursuing the leads he has discovered, knowing all the while that it may be too late. David's crusade to find Andrew will also take him into his own dark heart - to do things he never thought he would have to do, and go places he has never wanted to go. And the choices David makes lead us all to ask: How far would I go to save someone I love?

This is a compelling story that is almost impossible to stop reading - a hero's journey, of sorts, with a momentum that is breathtaking even while the subject matter is confronting.

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