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Highlighting some recent additions to our collection by UTS authors and editors.
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Detective Work

John Dale, Professor, Creative Writing Program, University of Technology Sydney

Description - From the bestselling author of Huckstepp comes a riveting new novel of intrigue and suspense. When Dimitri Telegonus is promoted to the Serious Unsolved Crime Unit to investigate the disappearance of a beautiful blonde escort, he thinks he's finally made the big time. He'd always wanted to do detective work; thought it was his destiny. But things quickly start to unravel. His assigned partner is a disinterested dinosaur and when progress in the investigation is slow, the bosses threaten to pull the plug. Desperate to crack his first cold case, Dimitri tracks the prime suspect down - only to find there are forces at play a naive young detective will never fully understand.

Close to home

Robin Barker, Graduate Diploma in Writing, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Stories of life, love & family from the bestselling author of Baby Love A distraught father is prevented from comforting his little boy. A baby's life is put in danger by a well-meaning but offbeat couple. Two mothers fight each other for the love of their son. A couple's desperation for a child leads to a chain of unpredictable events ...

Robin Barker's fascination with families over the last six decades - their hopes and disappointments, loves and deceits - is superbly captured in ten acutely observed stories of anguish and triumph.

Stories 1 and 10 in Close to home are family memoir and as close to the truth as my memory allows. Stories 2-9 are works of fiction"--Author's note.

The Ghost Estate

John Connell, Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism), University of Technology Sydney

Description - Gerard McQuaid has been waiting for his start in life: his house, his girl, his land. And with rural Ireland being swept up by the Celtic Tiger and villages becoming towns, the electrician's moment has finally arrived. With the chance to run a big job, McQuaid finds himself on Birchview Manor, a decrepit estate where the dreams of modern Ireland crash up against the weight of history. As McQuaid gets further into the restoration, he falls deeper into the story of the estate's previous owner, Lord Henry Lefoyle, whose fate begins to loom ghost-like over McQuaid's own.

In this electrifying debut from a bold new Irish voice, John Connell deftly treads the footsteps of one ordinary man's rise and fall through the boom and bust of contemporary Ireland, weaving past and present together in a beautiful and devastating journey. - publisher's website.

Her Turn on Stage : The Role of Women in Musical Theatre

Grace Barnes , PhD candidate, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Grace started this book whilst studying for a Masters in Non Fiction Writing at UTS.

Audiences for musical theater are predominantly women, yet the shows onstage are frequently created and produced by men. Onstage, female characters are often victims or sex objects and lack the complexity of their male counterparts. Offstage, women are under-represented among. While other areas of the arts rally behind gender equality, musical theater seems to disregard women.

If musical theater reflects prevailing attitudes, what does the modern musical tell us about attitudes towards women in America, the UK and Australia? Are women kept out of musical theater by men jealously guarding their territory or is the absence of women a result of commercialization and mechanization of the genre? Based on interviews with women performers, writers, directors, choreographers and executives, this book addresses these questions and offers a female viewpoint on musical theater today.

Through our eyes : thirty years of people living with HIV responding to the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Australia

John Rule, Researcher, Public Communication Program, University of Technology Sydney

Description -Edited by Dr John Rule and featuring 60 contributors, Through Our Eyes - Thirty years of people living with HIV responding to the HIV and AIDS epidemics in Australia spans all the stages of the epidemic and looks ahead to what the future might hold for people living with HIV.

"John skilfully weaves together the personal recollections of people as diverse as former High Court Justice Michael Kirby, writer Denis Altman, journalist Paul Kidd, HIV activist David Menadue and Yorta Yorta woman Michelle Tobin." says Bruce Wardley, South Sydney Herald.

Available as an electronic flipbook (flash) published by NAPWHA.

You Are Not Your Eating Disorder

Thomas Grainger, Media Arts and Production/ International Studies student, University of Technology Sydney

Description - If you or someone you love has struggled with an eating disorder, then this book is for you. Thomas Grainger’s practical guide, You Are Not Your Eating Disorder seamlessly blends science with personal anecdotes and experience. It covers the basics of eating disorders – definitions, causes and warning signs – before launching into the tough questions that sufferers want answered.

Grainger discusses the benefits of recovery, treatment options, what it’s like to be in hospital, as well as providing sound dietary and exercise advice. There’s also an entire section devoted to carers and family members who are supporting a loved one in their recovery. Here, Grainger’s mother writes beautifully about her experience of living with and coping with her son’s psychological illness. And we recommend this section for any family member or friend seeking to support a loved one. If you’d like more insight into the experiences of sufferers, check out the collection of moving stories at the back – these were supplied by men and women from all walks of life. The beauty of You Are Not Your Eating Disorder is that you can read it from beginning to end or skip between chapters, and when reading, it feels like Grainger is sitting right there beside you. Grainger’s book is a worthy contribution to the self-help literature on eating disorders. - UTS Newsroom 

Anthill : A place of knowledge about community work and community management

John Rule, Researcher, Public Communication Program, University of Technology Sydney
Other Authors
Neil Stuart, Kate Nolan, Roy Bishop & Gael Kennedy 

Description - Anthill brings together the writing of a range of community activists on the local as a focus for social life. It stands in the great tradition of popular empowerment, where multicultural and working class communities discover a strength that arises from solidarity.

Anthill points to the pressures that governments place on communities, seeking to use them as nodes of control and oppression. This tension, between state power and people power, marks the pathways that lead to and through the Anthill.

Sex in Peace Operations

Gabrielle Simm , Chancellor's Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Gabrielle Simm's critical re-evaluation of sex between international personnel and local people examines the zero tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse and its international legal framework.

Whereas most preceding studies of the issue have focused exclusively on military peacekeepers, Sex in Peace Operations also covers the private military contractors and humanitarian NGO workers who play increasingly important roles in peace operations. Informed by socio-legal studies, Simm uses three case studies (Bosnia, West Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo) to illustrate the extent of the problem and demonstrate that the problems of impunity for sexual crimes are not just a failure of political will but the result of the structural weaknesses of international law in addressing non-state actors.

Combining the insights of feminist critique with a regulatory approach to international law, her conclusions will interest scholars of international law, peace and conflict studies, gender and sexuality, and development.

Community Action and Climate Change

Jennifer Kent, Senior Research Consultant, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney

Description - The failure of recent international negotiations to progress global action on climate change has shifted attention to the emergence of grassroots sustainability initiatives. These civil society networks display the potential to implement social innovation and change processes from the ‘bottom up’. Recent scholarship has sought to theorise grassroots community-based low carbon practices in terms of their sustainability transition potential. However there are few empirical examples that demonstrate the factors for success of community-based social innovations in achieving more widespread adoption outside of their local, sustainability ‘niche’.

The book seeks to address two significant gaps related to grassroots climate action: firstly the continuing dominance of the individualisation of responsibility for climate change action which presupposes that individuals hold both the ability and desire to shift their behaviours and lifestyle choices to align with a low carbon future. Secondly, the potential for community-based collectives to influence mainstream climate change governance, an area significantly under researched. Drawing on empirical research into Australian Climate Action Groups (CAGs) and related international research, the book argues that grassroots community-based collective action on climate change holds the key to broader social change.

This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of climate change, citizen participation, environmental sociology and sustainable development.

Informal Urban Street Markets : International Perspectives

Kirsten Seale, Academic, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology Sydney
Clifton Evers

Description - Through an international range of research, this volume examines how informal urban street markets facilitate the informal and formal economy not merely in terms of the traditional concerns of labor and consumption, but also in regards to cultural and spatial contingencies. In many places, street markets and their populace have been marginalised and devalued. At times, there are clear governance procedures that aim to prevent them, yet they continue to emerge in even in the most institutionalised societies.

This book gives serious consideration to what these markets reveal about urban life in a time of globalized, rapid urbanization and flows of people, knowledge and goods.

Out of place : microfiction and prose poems

Various Authors including Stephanie King, Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Cultural Studies and currently writing an Honours thesis, University of Technology Sydney.

Linda Godfrey, Master of Arts in Professional Writing, University of Technology Sydney.
Kirsten Tranter

Description - These are stories rendered in miniature and moments inscribed with precise focus. Australia's best microwordsmiths offer journeys in words that will take you somewhere surprising. A stolen glimpse of a father dancing alone to music; Gothic landscapes on the New South Wales coast; incredible spectrums in the colours of butterflies; Aussie cricket and climate change; remembrances of an exiled home land or the awkward sexual politics at a funeral. These stories capture delightful and unsettling moments of estrangement, when the new becomes familiar and the ordinary, sublime.

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