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Gehry in Sydney : the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building

Dr Liisa Naar, UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney
Professor Stewart Clegg, UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Gehry in Sydney is richly illustrated with photos, sketches and plans and includes interviews with Frank Gehry and Gehry Partners design team members Craig Webb and Brad Winkeljohn. It also includes "tales from the field" from the people and firms in Sydney that made the project possible. (UTS NewsRoom)

Frank O Gehry, one of the most influential architects of his generation, is famous for many iconic buildings. Works to date include the Dancing Building, Prague, Czech Republic (1996); the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain (1997) and, in the United States, the Weatherhead School of Management, Ohio (2002), the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles (2003), and the Peter B. Lewis Library at Princeton University (2008).

The distinctive nature of Gehry’s design for his first building in Australia, the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building at the University of Technology Sydney, is showcased in this richly illustrated monograph. The design is unlike anything Gehry has previously constructed. In creating the building skin Gehry designed an undulating and corbelled brick veneer for the eastern façade facing the city, which was laid entirely by hand, while for the western façade he created a chevron pattern in large sheets of glass.

The book provides a fresh analysis of Gehry’s working process and offers insightful perspectives on the context, negotiation, commission, design and construction of the building. It is illuminated by many of the Gehry Partners’ models for the building and rich photographic essays, as well as the architect’s unique sketches.

The Big Whatever

Peter Doyle, UTS alumnus (Bachelor of Arts in Communication), University of Technology Sydney and a PhD from Macquarie University where he is an Associate Professor in Media.

Description - This book is the fourth in a series of novels set in the Australian criminal underworld from the late 1940s to the 1970s. "A Dark Passage Book".

When it comes to sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll, Billy Glasheen's always been in the vanguard, but as the swinging 60s turn into the 70s, he's living a quiet life. He has kids now, and he's in debt to the mob, so he keeps his head down, driving a cab, running some low-level rackets. He may as well have gone straight, it's so boring. Then one day everything changes. He finds a trashy paperback in his cab whose plot seems weirdly familiar. Billy himself seems to be a major character in it. He can't think who could've written it other than Max, his old partner in crime who double-crossed him and left him in the mess he's in. Only Max is dead. He went up in flames, along with lots of cash, after a bank heist. But if Max is alive, Billy has a score to settle. And if he didn't get fried to a crisp, maybe the money didn't either. Billy has to find out, by following clues planted in that strange little book. He soon discovers he's not the only one on Max's trail, and has to deal with enemies old and new in his strangest adventure yet.

Communicating in Hospital Emergency Departments

Diana Slade, Professor, Public Communication Program, University of Technology Sydney

Description - This book was conceived in response to the increasing recognition of the central role of communication in effective healthcare delivery, particularly in high-stress contexts such as emergency departments.

Over a three-year period, the research team investigated communication between patients and clinicians (doctors, nurses and allied health professionals) in five representative emergency departments (EDs).

Combining qualitative ethnographic analysis of the social practices of each ED with discourse analysis of the spoken interactions between clinicians and patients, the book describes the communicative complexity and intensity of work in the ED and, against this backdrop, identifies the features of successful and unsuccessful patient-clinician interactions.

Drawing on authentic examples of communication within the ED, the book provides detailed, comprehensive communication strategies for healthcare professionals that can be readily transferred and integrated into everyday practice. -- Back cover.

The Women's Pages

Debra Adelaide, Associate Professor, Creative Writing Program, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Ellis, an ordinary suburban young woman of the 1960s, is troubled by secrets and gaps in her past that become more puzzling as her creator, Dove, writes her story fifty years later. Having read Wuthering Heights to her dying mother, Dove finds she cannot shake off the influence of that singular novel: it has infected her like a disease. Instead of returning to her normal life she follows the story it has inspired to discover more about Ellis, who has emerged from the pages of fiction herself - or has she? - to become a modern successful career woman.

The Women's Pages is about the choices and compromises women must make, their griefs and losses, and their need to fill in the absent spaces where other women - especially those who become mothers - should have been. And it is about the mysterious process of creativity, about the way stories are shaped and fiction is formed. Right up to its astonishing conclusion, The Women's Pages asserts the power of the reader's imagination, which can make the deepest desires and strangest dreams come true.

The Post-Fordist Sexual Contract

Maryanne Dever, Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning, University of Technology Sydney
Lisa Adkins

Description - Working and living in post-Fordism concerns risk and contingency. This collection identifies how the contingent contracting of post-Fordism is shaping new regulatory ideals for women including excessive attachments to work, intensive mothering, entrepreneurship and an investor subjectivity.

Lisa Adkins, Maryanne Dever and their fellow authors map these often unattainable ideals as they operate across a range of working and living arrangements and in their classed and raced dimensions. Contributors examine how these ideals unfold and … show more than shape the demands of employability and work readiness, in the sub-contracting and outsourcing of labour, in the demands of affective labour, in the contours of home-based work and in the indebtedness that contingent working so often demands.

The collection elaborates how the contingent contracting of post-Fordism is not only setting the terms of a new labor settlement but also rewriting the terms of the sexual contract.

Crisis, Movement, Management : Globalising Dynamics

James Goodman, Associate Professor, Social Inquiry Program, University of Technology Sydney
Jonathan Paul Marshall, Senior Research Associate, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Globalised neo-liberalism has produced multiple crises - social, ecological, political. In the past, crises of global order have generated large-scale social transformations, and the current crises likewise hold a transformative promise. Social movements become a crucial barometer, in signalling both the demise and rise of political formations and programs. Elite strategies, framed as crisis management, create their own disordering side-effects. Experiments in movement strategy gain greater significance, as do contending elite efforts at repressing, managing or displacing the fall-out. In this book we investigate both movements and management in the face of crisis, taking crisis and unanticipated consequences as a normal state-of-play. The book enquires into the winners and losers from crisis, and investigates the movement-management nexus as it unfolds in particular localities as well as in broader contexts.

The book deals with some of the most pressing conflicts of our time, and produces a range of theoretical insights: the ubiquity of crisis is seen as not only a hallmark of social life, but a way into a different kind of social analysis.

This book was published as a special issue of Globalizations.

Real Estate, Construction, and Economic Development in Emerging Economies

Franklin Obeng-Odoom, Senior Lecturer, School of the Built Environment, University of Technology Sydney
Raymond T Abdulai, Edward Ochieng, Vida Maliene

Description - Real Estate, Construction and Economic Development in Emerging Market Economies examines the relationships between real estate and construction sectors and explores how each sector, and the relationships between them, affect economic development in emerging market economies (EMEs). Throughout the book, the international team of contributors discuss topics as diverse as real estate finance and investment, housing, property development, construction project management, valuation, sustainability and corporate real estate. In doing so the book demonstrates how the relationship between construction and real estate impacts on economic development in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, China, Ghana, Nigeria, Turkey, Lithuania, Hungary and Slovenia.

Topics include: the role of real estate brokerage in improving the living standards of citizens; the effect of a mineral boom on construction cycles, real estate values and the socio-economic conditions of people in boom towns and cities; corporate real estate management practices and how they affect economic growth; and the synergies between construction and real estate and how they, in turn, affect economic development.

This book will be of interest to those studying and researching real estate, construction, development studies, urban economics and emerging market economies.

Available as an eBook published by EBSCOhost.

Meat the future : how cutting meat consumption can feed billions more

Various including
Professor Stuart White, Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney
Dana Cordell, Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Research Principal, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney

Description - "Our addiction to meat contributes significantly to challenges like climate change, loss of biodiversity, food insecurity, resource inefficiency, and water and land pollution. The compounding effect of current meat-eating habits is pushing to the brink the ecosystems we rely on to survive. Yet these inconvenient truths have been largely absent from public debate.

In this engaging and easy-to-follow book, Stuart White and Dana Cordell from the University of Technology Sydney's Institute for Sustainable Futures cover the issue of phosphorus use in agriculture. This non-renewable resource will become increasingly scarce, leading to food and water insecurity as well as volatile food prices. And with the world's population projected to increase by 1 billion over the next 12 years, serious questions need to be raised as to whether a meat-heavy diet is viable." -- UTS NewsRoom

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