UTS Library

Exhibition - SUB/SYDNEY curated by: The Public Life of Objects (Class of 2013)

Sub Sydney Display Level 4

SUB/SYDNEY invites you to submerge yourself in an exhibition that celebrates the very substance of this city. In this exhibition the prefix ‘sub’ encompasses the many parts of the city that come together to form a whole. The exhibition will open Wednesday, 30 October in the afternoon and run for 2 weeks.

SUB/SYDNEY unearths ordinary and extraordinary objects that give an insight into Sydney’s underlying sociology, geology and mythology. These objects reveal the subterranean, subcultural, subconscious, suburban, subtle and sublime elements of the city. We invite you to tease out the narratives that exist between the people and the objects of Sydney.

SUB/SYDNEY is the culmination of The Public Life of Objects — an Interdisciplinary Design Lab exploring the human compulsion to collect, organise and display objects. In this lab we have examined the role of objects and their arrangement in the creation of knowledge. Our collaboration with the Library has allowed us to explore the relationship between books and objects, and to think about the way that knowledge is distributed between texts and things. 

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Video: Sub Sydney Animation

(Warning: This video contains flashing images)