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Highlighting some recent additions to our collection by UTS authors and editors.
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Stories in midwifery : reflection, inquiry, action

Christine Catling, Lecturer, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney
Allison Cummins, Lecturer, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney
Rosemarie Hogan, Director of Midwifery Studies, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Stories in Midwifery presents an insightful collection of personal stories told by a range of women, midwives, students, health professionals and family members. This unique resource offers both midwifery students and practicing midwives an extraordinary perspective on a range of topics related to birthing and midwifery.

Languages and identities in a transitional Japan : from internationalization to globalization

Emi Otsuji, Senior Lecturer, International Studies Program, University of Technology Sydney
Other Editors
William S Armour, Ikuko Nakane

Description - This book explores the transition from the era of internationalisation into the era of globalisation of Japan by focusing on language and identity as its central themes. By taking an interdisciplinary approach covering education, cultural studies, linguistics and policy-making, the chapters in this book raise certain questions of what constitutes contemporary Japanese culture, Japanese identity and multilingualism and what they mean to local people, including those who do not reside in Japan but are engaged with Japan in some way within the global community.

Topics include the role of technology in the spread of Japanese language and culture, hybrid language use in an urban context, the Japanese language as a lingua franca in China, and the identity construction of heritage Japanese language speakers in Australia.

The authors do not limit themselves to examining only the Japanese language or the Japanese national/cultural identity, but also explore multilingual practices and multiple/fluid identities in "a transitional Japan."

Overall, the book responds to the basic need for better accounts of language and identity of Japan, particularly in the context of increased migration and mobility.

Higher education and the law

Sally Varnham, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney
Patty Kamvounias, Senior Lecturer in Business Law, University of Sydney Business School
Joan Squelch, Associate Professor in the School of Law at the University of Australia Notre Dame (Fremantle)

Description - This book is the first in Australia dedicated to the legal environment of our universities. The law both drives and governs the evolution of Australia's strong and vibrant system of higher education. Here, experts explore a wide range of areas of topical and salient interest, providing a comprehensive resource for those both within and outside the sector, including managers, governors, academics, legal practitioners and all who have an interest in the impact of the law on its operations.

While their primary function today remains the provision of higher education and research, Australia's universities are now large commercial global corporations. Their operations involve the management of a diverse range of relationships, both internal and external, and the law plays a central role in these. Higher Education and the Law first considers the legal framework of the higher education sector and the relationships universities have externally, particularly with government - their governance, their funding and accountability, and their maintenance of high standards and quality. It then traverses many of the areas where the law has a significant impact on the relationships universities have with their students and their staff.

In a clear and readable style, the book covers matters from anti-discrimination and equal opportunity, transparency and due process in decision-making, employment and student matters, to property rights such as copyright and ownership of intellectual property. It focuses on those issues of the most practical relevance to today's higher education environment.

Japanese fashion cultures : dress and gender in contemporary Japan

Masafumi Monden, UTS Alumni & Research Associate, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology Sydney

Description - "From rococo to Edwardian fashions, Japanese street style has reinvented many western dress styles, reinterpreting and altering their meanings and messages in a different cultural and historical context.

This wide ranging and original study reveals the complex exchange of styles and what they represent in Japan and beyond, contesting common perceptions of gender in Japanese dress and the notion that non-western fashions simply imitate western styles.

Through case studies focussing on fashion image consumption in style tribes such as Kamikaze Girls, Lolita, Edwardian, Ivy Style, Victorian, Romantic and Kawaii, this ground-breaking book investigates the complexities of dress and gender and demonstrates the flexible nature of contemporary fashion and style exchange in a global context.

Japanese Fashion Cultures will appeal to students and scholars of fashion, cultural studies, gender studies, media studies and related fields."

Available as an eBook.

Professional Practice and Learning Times, Spaces, Bodies, Things

Nick Hopwood, Senior Lecturer, School of Education, University of Technology Sydney

Description - This book explores important questions about the relationship between professional practice and learning, and implications of this for how we understand professional expertise.

Focusing on work accomplished through partnerships between practitioners and parents with young children, the book explores how connectedness in action is a fluid, evolving accomplishment, with four essential dimensions: times, spaces, bodies, and things.

Within a broader sociomaterial perspective, the analysis draws on practice theory and philosophy, bringing different schools of thought into productive contact, including the work of Schatzki, Gherardi, and recent developments in cultural historical activity theory.

The book takes a bold view, suggesting practices and learning are entwined but distinctive phenomena. A clear and novel framework is developed, based on this idea. The argument goes further by demonstrating how new, coproductive relationships between professionals and clients can intensify the pedagogic nature of professional work, and showing how professionals can support others’ learning when the knowledge they are working with, and sense of what is to be learned, are uncertain, incomplete, and fragile.

Multidisciplinary design optimization methods for electrical machines and drive systems

Gang Lei, Chancellor's Post Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems, University of Technology Sydney
Youguang Guo, Associate Professor, School of Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems, University of Technology Sydney
Jianguo Zhu, Head of School, School of Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems, University of Technology Sydney

Description - This book presents various computationally efficient component- and system-level design optimization methods for advanced electrical machines and drive systems.

Readers will discover novel design optimisation concepts developed by the authors and other researchers in the last decade, including application-oriented, multi-disciplinary, multi-objective, multi-level, deterministic, and robust design optimization methods. A multi-disciplinary analysis includes various aspects of materials, electromagnetics, thermotics, mechanics, power electronics, applied mathematics, manufacturing technology, and quality control and management.

This book will benefit both researchers and engineers in the field of motor and drive design and manufacturing, thus enabling the effective development of the high-quality production of innovative, high-performance drive systems for challenging applications, such as green energy systems and electric vehicles.

Migrant rights at work : law's precariousness at the intersection of immigration and labour

Laurie Berg, Senior Lecturer, Law Faculty, University of Technology Sydney

Description - "Public debates about immigration and membership have intensified alongside developed economies' increasing reliance on temporary migrant workers. While most agree that temporary migrant workers are entitled to the general protection of employment laws, temporary immigration programs necessitate the restriction of rights to residence, occupational and geographic mobility, and full social protections.

This book examines the ways in which immigration law and enforcement reconfigure the relationships between migrant workers and employers, causing uncertainty and worsening working conditions. Taking the regulatory reforms of Australia as a key case-study, Laurie Berg explores how the influence of immigration law extends beyond its functions in regulating admission to and exclusion from a country. Berg asks where should differences lie between temporary and permanent residents, what further restrictions should apply to migrants who lack immigration authorisation, and where should the line be drawn between exploitation and legitimate employment.

In presenting an analytical approach to issues of temporary labour migration, the book develops a unique theoretical framework, contending that the concept of precariousness, rather than equality or vulnerability, is the most fruitful way to evaluate and address issues of temporary migrant labour.

The book will be of great interest to scholars and practitioners of immigration law and employment law and policy"--

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