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Highlighting some recent additions to our collection by UTS authors and editors.
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Private Lives, Public History

Anna Clark, Australian Research Council Fellow and Senior Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney.

Description - The past is consumed on a grand scale: popularised by television programs, enjoyed by reading groups, walking groups, historical societies and heritage tours, and supported by unprecedented digital access to archival records. Yet our history has also become the subject of heated political debate.

In Private Lives, Public History, historian Anna Clark explores how our personal pasts intersect with broader historical questions. Drawing on interviews with Australians from five communities around the country, she uncovers how we think about the past in the context of our local and intimate stories, and the role that history plays in our lives.

Understanding Business Contracts

Jason Harris, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney.
Christopher Croese, External Relations Coordinator, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney.

Description - Quick guide designed to assist those working in business understand practical application of contract law in day to day dealings.

Concise explanation of how law affects contracts & process of contracting, from early negotiation to formation, implementation & conclusion.

This book will help businesspeople understand what is commonly found in contracts and how to navigate common pitfalls.  It will assist readers better appreciate the how and why of contract law.

Celebrity Philanthropy

Paul Allatson, Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology Sydney.
Elaine Jeffreys, Professor, School of International Studies, University of Technology Sydney.

Description - There’s no question that celebrities these days are some of the most prominent faces of philanthropic activity - yet their participation raises questions about efficacy, motivations, and activism overall.

This book presents case studies of celebrity philanthropy from around the globe - including such figures as Shakira, Arundhati Roy, Zhang Ziyi, Bono, and Madonna - looking at the tensions between celebrity activism and ground-level work and the relationship between celebrity philanthropy and cultural citizenship.

Understanding Real Property Law

Karena Viglianti, Academic, University of Technology Sydney, University of Technology Sydney.

DescriptionUnderstanding Real Property Law  is an introductory-level text, designed for students in disciplines such as construction, architecture, business or real estate who need to understand property law.

This text provides a concise overview of the Australian property law system and illustrates how legal principles are applied in transactions. Engaging text and pedagogy are designed to aid student learning. Understanding Real Property Law covers all Australian jurisdictions and assumes no prior knowledge of law.

Colouring the Rainbow : Blak Queer and Trans Perspectives

Dino Hodge, Academic, Audiologist, Historian and Author, PhD in history from the University of Melbourne.
Various Authors including: Alison Whittaker, Communications & Law student and Research Assistant, University of Technology Sydney.

DescriptionColouring the Rainbow uncovers the often hidden world of Queer and Trans Blak Australia and tells it like it is.

Twenty-two First Nations people reveal their inner reflections and outlooks on family and culture, identity and respect, homophobia, transphobia, racism and decolonisation, activism, art, performance and more, through life stories and essays. The contributors to this ground-breaking book not only record the continuing relevance of traditional culture and practices, they also explain the emergence of homonormativity within the context of contemporary settler colonialism.

Colouring the Rainbow is a real, searing and celebratory exploration of modern culture in post-apology Australia.

China's Socialist Rule of Law Reforms under Xi Jinping

Yan Change Bennett, Lawyer and Manager for the Center on Contemporary China At Princeton University.
John Garrick, Academic, University of Technology Sydney and an attorney of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Description - Under the direction of the Communist Party of China (CPC), key legal challenges have been identified which will shape the modernization of China's legal and administrative institutions. An increasingly complex set of legal actors now seek to influence this development, including securities regulators, bankers, accountants, lawyers, local-level mediators and some of China's newly rich. Whilst the rising middle class wants to voice its interests and concerns, the CPC strives to maintain its leading role.

This book provides a critical appraisal of China's deepening socialist rule of law and looks ahead to the implications of the domestic reforms for the international legal domain. With contributions from leading Chinese law specialists, it draws on specific illustrations from judicial reform, constitutional law, procedural law, anti-corruption, property law and urban development, socio-economic dispute resolution and Chinese macro-economics. The book questions how China's domestic law reforms will impact international legal systems, and how international law can be used in managing key regional and bilateral relationships and in dispute resolution, such as in the South China Sea and international trade.

Assessing the state and direction of domestic law reform and including debates around the legal implications of some of China's most pressing foreign policy challenges today, this volume will be of huge interest to students, scholars and practitioners with an interest in Asia law, Chinese law, international law, comparative law and law reform.

Available as PDF or EPUB in eBook Collection (EBSCOhost).

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