UTS Library

Exhibition: 1000 PeaceWomen Across the Globe

1000 PeaceWomen for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005 was an historical nomination. In 2005, 1000 women from 150 countries were collectively nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of hundreds of thousands other female peace activists. The main objective of the initiative from Switzerland was to give value to the courageous, often dangerous and mostly invisible work of women for human security and justice, by giving them appropriate recognition. Unfortunately, the Nobel Peace Prize was not awarded to the women, but the worldwide campaign made their peacebuilding work more visible and helps to transport their knowledge into important peace negotiations.

Thanks to UTS:Equity and Diversity Unit for their donation to the Library of the world travelling exhibition, «1000 PeaceWomen Across the Globe», a collection of portraits and messages from which this local exhibition is drawn.

The Exhibition is located in the entrance to the front stairwell on Level 2 and if you would like to see all 1000 postcards, you can find them in the Special Collections cabinets on Level 3.

Exhibition runs until 28 November 2013