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Lemons in the Chicken Wire

Alison Whittaker, Communications & Law student and Research Assistant, University of Technology Sydney.

Description Winner 2015 black&write! Indigenous Writing Fellowship – a partnership between the State Library of Queensland’s black&write! Indigenous Writing and Editing Project and Magabala Books 

From a remarkable new voice in Indigenous writing comes this highly original collection of poems bristling with stunning imagery and gritty textures. At times sensual, always potent, Lemons in the Chicken Wire delivers a collage of work that reflects rural identity through a rich medley of techniques and forms. 

It is an audacious, lyrical and linguistically lemon flavoured poetry debut that possesses a rare edginess and seeks to challenge our imagination beyond the ordinary. Alison Whittaker demonstrates that borders, whether physical or imagined, are no match for our capacity for love. 

the Simple act of Reading

Various including:
Debra Adelaide, Associate Professor, Creative Writing Program, University of Technology Sydney.
Delia Falconer, Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing Program, University of Technology Sydney.
Sunil Badami, Casual Academic, University of Technology Sydney.
Tegan Bennett Daylight, Doctor of Creative Arts, University of Technology Sydney.
Gabrielle Carey, Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing Program, University of Technology Sydney.
Anita Heiss, Adjunct Professor, Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, University of Technology Sydney.
Rosie Scott, Casual Academic, University of Technology Sydney.

Description - For it is in The Simple Act of Reading where the living and the dead, the real and the imagined, meet. It is in The Simple Act of Reading where we exercise those two most sacred of human vocations: compassion and creativity. For as we know, without either of these primes there is no possibility for a humanity present or past worth talking about. Junot Diaz

A collection of essays and memoir pieces on the topic of reading, in particular what it means for writers to be readers and how that has shaped their life. The Simple Act of Reading will support Sydney Story Factory by emphasising the importance of reading in shaping an individual's future.

Contributors include; Debra Adelaide, Joan London, Delia Falconer, Sunil Badami, Gabrielle Carey, Luke Davies, Tegan Bennett Daylight, Kate Forsyth, Giulia Giuffre, Andy Griffiths, Anita Heiss, Gail Jones, Jill Jones, Catherine Keenan, Malcolm Knox, Wayne Macauley, Fiona McFarlane, David Malouf, Rosie Scott, Carrie Tiffany and Geordie Williamson.

Ransacking Paris

Patti Miller, Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Master of Arts in Writing, University of Technology Sydney.

Description -When Patti Miller arrives in Paris to write for a year, the world glows "as if the light that comes after the sun has gone down has spilled gold on everything." But wasn't that just romantic illusion?

Miller grew up on Wiradjuri land in country Australia where her heart and soul belonged. Mother of grown-up boys with lives of their own, what did she think she would find in Paris that she couldn't find at home?

She turns to French writers, Montaigne, Rousseau, de Beauvoir, and other memoirists, each one intent on knowing the self through gazing into the looking glass of the great world. They accompany her as she wanders the streets of Paris, they even have coffee together, and they talk about love, suffering, desire, motherhood, truth-telling, memory, the writing journey, and how to know who we are in the family and in the cultures that shape us.

This story, of a year spent writing and reading in Paris, explores truth and illusion, self-knowledge and identity?and evokes the beauty, the contradictions and the daily life of contemporary Paris.

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Land tax in Australia : Fiscal Reform of sub-national government

Vince Mangioni, Associate Professor, School of Built Environment, University of Technology Sydney.

Description - Land Tax in Australia demonstrates how land tax operates and is administered across State and local governments in Australia.

International expert Vincent Mangioni reviews the current status and emerging trends in these taxes in Australia and compares them with the UK, USA, Canada, Denmark and New Zealand. Using substantial original research, the author sets out what Australia must do through practice and policy to reform and bring this tax into the 21st Century.

The Best Australian Science Writing 2014

Ashley Hay, Doctor of Creative Arts, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Now in its fourth year, this popular and acclaimed anthology steps inside the Australia’s finest scientific and literary minds to present a collection that celebrates the nation’s finest science writing of the year.

Featuring prominent authors—such as Tim Flannery, Jo Chandler, Frank Bowden and Iain McCalman, as well as many new voices—this annual anthology covers topics as diverse and wondrous as our “lumpy” universe, the creation of dragons, why are Sydney’s golden orb weaver spiders getting fatter and fitter, and the frontiers of climate science.

Available as an eBook

Ghost Club series

Deborah Abela, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Juvenile fiction - A slightly spooky but mostly funny series about the mischief ghosts can make - and the kids who take care of the mess.

1. The New Kid (2012)
2. The Haunted School (2012)
3. A Transylvanian Tale (2013)

Power Converters for Medium Voltage Networks

Md. Rabiul Islam, Research Associate, University of Technology Sydney
Youguang Guo, Associate Professor, School of Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems, University of Technology Sydney
Jianguo Zhu, Head of School, School of Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems, University of Technology Sydney

Description - This book examines a number of topics, mainly in connection with advances in semiconductor devices and magnetic materials and developments in medium and large-scale renewable power plant technologies, grid integration techniques and new converter topologies, including advanced digital control systems for medium-voltage networks.

The book's individual chapters provide an extensive compilation of fundamental theories and in-depth information on current research and development trends, while also exploring new approaches to overcoming some critical limitations of conventional grid integration technologies.

Its main objective is to present the design and implementation processes for medium-voltage converters, allowing the direct grid integration of renewable power plants without the need for step-up transformers.

Into the Groove: Popular Music and Contemporary German Fiction

Andrew Wright Hurley, Associate Professor, International Studies Program, University of Technology Sydney

Description - In Germany between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s there was an unprecedented "confusion of the spheres" of literature and popular music. Popular musicians "crossed over" into the literary field, editors and writers called for contemporary German literature to become more like popular music, writers attempted to borrow structural aspects from music or paid new attention to popular music at the thematic level. Others sought to raise their profiles by means of performance models taken from the popular music field.

This book sets out to make sense of this situation. It argues for more inclusive and detailed attention to what it calls "musico-centric fiction," for which it discerns intellectual precursors going back to the 1960s and also identifies examples written since the turn of the millennium, after the would-be death of "pop literature."

In doing so, it focuses on fiction and paratextual interventions by authors including Peter Handke, Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, Rainald Goetz, Andreas Neumeister, Thomas Meinecke, Matthias Politycki, Frank Goosen, Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre, Thomas Brussig, Karen Duve, and Kerstin Grether. Andrew W. Hurley is Senior Lecturer in German and Cultural Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

Andrew is also the author of the return of jazz : Joachim-Ernst Berendt and West German cultural change.

Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology

Various including:
Amaryllis Gacioppo, Bachelor of Arts in Writing Honours, University of Technology Sydney

Description - A stunning, globe-spanning collection of stories shortlisted for the 2014 Bristol Short Story Prize which introduces 20 wonderful writers and their exceptional talents.

Featuring: Jennifer Allott, Martyn Bryant, Chris Edwards-Pritchard, Richard Fifield, Amaryllis Gacioppo, Claire Griffiths,
Sophie Hampton, James Hughes, Sarah Isaac, Colter Jackson, Danielle McLaughlin, Keeley Mansfield, Fiona Mitchell,
Emma Murray, Benjamin Myers, Paddy O’Reilly, Tannith Perry, Mahsuda Snaith, Tom Vowler, David Wareham

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The Life Cycles Revolution

Neil Killion, Graduate Diploma in Employee Relations, University of Technology Sydney

DescriptionThe Life Cycles Revolution was a silver medal winner in the 2013 Readers’ Favorite International Awards.

The Life Cycles Revolution offers comprehens ive proof that your life progresses in symbolic twelve year cycles. A follow up to the critically acclaimed book Life Cycles, this book takes the theory and the evidence to a whole new level. Based solely on the biographic record, readers will be introduced to new terms, new research methods, new icons and a new form of prediction. Napoleon, Albert Einstein, Ghandi, J.K. Rowling, Jerry Seinfeld and Lady Gaga are just a few of the many famous lives examined.

This book will lay the only genuine bridge between the occult and science with the newest and perhaps most valid system of self-knowledge ever devised.

The Life Cycles Revolution's ten methods will guide you in every facet of your life, including, romance, relationships and your career, as well as teach you how to counsel others. There is simply no more revolutionary book written about life.

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