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UTS ePRESS announces new interactive book - Anatomy Quizbook by Kerry G Baker

Anatomy Quizbook: for students studying or intending to study medicine

UTS ePRESS has released a new eBook, Anatomy Quizbook: for students studying or intending to study medicine, by Kerry G Baker.

The Anatomy Quizbook is a free interactive learning book available in PDF format, that will help students learn, test and improve their knowledge of the human body. Volume 1 deals with anatomical terms, thorax, abdomen and the pelvis.

Whilst developed primarily for students who are studying, or intend to study, medicine, the Anatomy Quizbook will reward all readers seeking to explore and learn about the workings of the human body.

In keeping with the UTS ePRESS mission, the Anatomy Quizbook is a peer-reviewed, Open Access scholarly work that is free to access, download and share.

About the Author

Kerry Baker is a teacher, researcher and author. He has a PhD in Anatomy (UNSW) and is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Neuroscience Research Australia. His research includes investigation of neurons in the human brainstem, and he has recently published on the short-form Berg Balance Scale (2016) and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies (2016).

Kerry has lectured in Anatomy at a number of Australian universities. He is currently preparing Volume 2 of the Anatomy Quizbook and is co-authoring an introductory guide to the structure and function of the human brain.

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