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New books by UTS Authors - WILD MAN wins a Davitt Award!

Highlighting some recent additions to our collection by UTS authors and editors.
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Wild Man

Alecia Simmonds , Chancellor's Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney

Description - WINNER: 2016 Davitt Awards - Best NON-FICTION NOVEL
In April 2012 a man was shot dead by police on a remote farm in New South Wales called the School of Happiness. The victim, who was high on a cocktail of drugs and who suffered from mental illness, had been threatening attendees of a hippie festival with a crossbow and hunting knife. When the police finally arrived, they tried to subdue him but, ultimately, fatal shots were fired.

In Wild Man Alecia Simmonds follows the coronial inquest into the police killing. She reveals what really happened that night and unravels the web of issues entangled in this fascinating, bizarre and, undoubtedly, tragic case: a cultural clash between hippies and hunters; drug use, violence, masculinity and psychosis. She asks how family members, as well as police, came to work on the frontline of mental health.

This spectacular book is a clear-eyed look at some of the most pressing problems facing contemporary Australia.

The Marmalade Files

Steve LewisSenior Advisor, Newgate Australia. Bachelor of Law and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, University of Technology Sydney
Chris Uhlmann, Political Editor, ABC News

Description - "A sticky scandal. A political jam"-- Cover.
"An explosive novel of lies, lust and political bastardry"--Cover.Summary: An imaginative romp through the dark underbelly of politics by two veteran Canberra insiders.

When seasoned newshound Harry Dunkley is slipped a compromising photograph one frosty Canberra dawn he knows he's onto something big. In pursuit of the scoop, Dunkley must negotiate the deadly corridors of power where the minority Toohey Government hangs by a thread - its stricken foreign minister on life support, her heart maintained by a single thought. Revenge. Rabid rottweilers prowl in the guise of Opposition senators, union thugs wage class warfare, TV anchors simper and fawn...and loyalty and decency have long since given way to compromise and treachery.

From the teahouses of Beijing to the beaches of Bali, from the marbled halls of Washington to the basements of the bureaucracy, Dunkley's quest takes him ever closer to the truth - and ever deeper into a lethal political game.

Now a political thriller tv series called Secret City on Foxtel Showcase.

The Mandarin Code

Steve Lewis, Senior Advisor, Newgate Australia. Bachelor of Law and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, University of Technology Sydney
Chris Uhlmann, Political Editor, ABC News

Description - Politics peeled bare -- Cover.
Politics just got deadly. The second darkly satirical thriller from the authors of The Marmalade Files.

A body pulled from the murky waters of Lake Burley Griffin links Canberra, Beijing and Washington in a titanic struggle where war is just a mouse click away.

Veteran reporter Harry Dunkley is chasing the scoop of his career, hunting for his best friend's killer. Navigating treacherous political waters where a desperate minority government edges ever closer to disaster, he delves into a cyber world where there are no secrets.

Friendship and loyalty give way to betrayal and revenge as Dunkley stumbles into the sights of the mandarins who wield real power - and who'll stop at nothing to retain it.

Political insiders Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann bring biting wit and behind-the-headlines insights to this sharply observed sequel to the bestselling THE MARMALADE FILES, once again lifting the veil on the lust and lies that stain the corridors of power.

Now a political thriller tv series called Secret City on Foxtel Showcase.

Paper cut cards : 30 stunning handmade cards with eye-popping 3-D designs

Emily Gregory , Designer at UTS Library, B. Design (Visual Communications) Honours, University of Technology Sydney

Description - The aim of the pop-up card is to surprise or delight through the act of movement. Be it the rocking motion of a sprung vintage jack-in-the-box or the widening toothy grin of a smiling crocodile inside a birthday card, pop-ups can add a sense of whimsy to any occasion. They can be sophisticated too. Intricate papercuts of the likes of Rob Ryan can be carved from delicate box folds to create pop-up paper ornaments, and tab mechanisms can be used to mimic a cuckoo in a wall clock.

At the heart of pop-ups lie a few simple mechanisms, and no matter how complex the design, the pop can be achieved using one of the basic techniques. Paper Cut Cards covers all these techniques, such as essential folds, creating slots and tabs, as well as rotating discs and springs. Simple step-by-steps will guide any novice from paper crafter to paper engineer. Each technique is followed by a selection of projects that demonstrate its use, so crafters can build up skills and become confident enough to begin making their own pop-up designs. Templates for each project at the back also mean crafters can get stuck in straightaway if they want to.

Whether you just love crafting or you want to make something special for an occasion, Paper Cut Cards has something for you. The 30 inspirational projects included offer a range of card designs for birthdays, weddings, and celebrations, as well as ornamental projects to put on display or gift to family and friends.

The Doppelgänger

Deborah Ascher Barnstone, ProfessorSchool of Architecture, University of Technology Sydney

Description - "The doppelgänger - the double, twin, mirror image or alter ego of someone else - is an ancient and universal theme that can be traced at least as far back as Greek and Roman mythology, but is particularly associated with two areas of study: psychology and German literature and culture since the Romantic movement.

Although German-language literature has been a nexus for writing on the doppelgänger, there is a paucity of scholarly work treating a broader selection of cultural products from the German-speaking world.

The essays in this volume explore the phenomenon of the double in multiple aspects of German visual culture, from traditional art forms like painting and classical ballet to more contemporary ones like film, photography and material culture, and even puppet theater.

New ways of understanding the doppelgänger emerge from analyses of various media and time periods, such as the theme of the double in a series of portraits by Egon Schiele, the doubling of silk by rayon in Weimar Germany and its implications for class distinctions in Germany, and the use of the x-ray as a form of double in Thomas Mann's Magic Mountain and Christoph Schlingensief's performance art."

Green Roof Retrofit : Building Urban Resilience

Timothy J Dixon, Research Manager, Law, University of Technology Sydney
Sara Wilkinson, Associate Professor, School of Built Environment, University of Technology Sydney

Description - A deep understanding of the implications of green roof retrofit is required amongst students and practitioners to make the decisions and take the actions needed to mitigate climate changes.

Green Roof Retrofit: Building Urban Resilience illustrates the processes undertaken to develop this new knowledge and thereby embed a deeper level of understanding in readers.Illustrative case studies and exemplars are drawn from countries outside of the core researched areas to demonstrate the application of the knowledge more broadly.

Examples are used from the Americas (North and South and Canada), Oceania, Asia and other European countries. The book describes the multiple criteria which inform decision making and how this provides a way forward for making better decisions about green roof retrofit in different countries and climates.

First and second language use in Asian EFL

Ross Forman, Senior Lecturer, Adult Learning and Applied Linguistics Program, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Many Asian education systems discourage or even ban the use of L1 in L2 classrooms – although in fact L1 remains widely used by teachers. Why is L1 use still devalued in this context?

By observing classes and interviewing teachers, this book explores three dimensions of L1 use in L2 teaching:

  • pedagogy: what teachers actually do, and what they say about it
  • the personal: what happens to identity when we ‘perform’ a foreign tongue
  • the professional: how textbooks are used, and what is distinctive about the EFL domain.

The Best Australian Stories 2015

Amanda Lohrey , Former UTS Academic, University of Technology Sydney


‘Some readers are drawn to the promise inherent in a novel, and it’s true that the longer form can offer a slow and seductive immersion, but the short story offers pleasure of another kind – the quick fix, a shot of adrenaline to the mind and heart.’—Amanda Lohrey

In The Best Australian Stories 2015, Amanda Lohrey, winner of the Patrick White Award and author of the acclaimed novel A Short History of Richard Kline (note: this book is on order), curates twenty pieces of exceptional short fiction.

In this wide-ranging collection, there are stories that will surprise, unsettle and beguile readers. Familiar subjects are examined from new perspectives: a teenage girl sneaks into a famous film director's study and steals his diaries; the life of Picasso is reimagined in miniature vignettes. And new life is breathed into the most universal of experiences: birth, death, love and loss. The mother of a girl with hearing difficulties watches her child grow into increasing independence. A young woman makes a poignant voyage to the site of her brother’s suicide.

Elegant, accomplished and evocative, these short stories move, delight and inspire.

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