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Out of the Shadows: Portraiture of Domestic Workers in Nepal

Out of the Shadows Insider

Photographic Exhibition

Tuesday 13 September - Wednesday 12 October
Level 4, UTS Library

Domestic work is work undertaken in ‘private households, often without clear terms of employment, unregistered in any book, and excluded from the scope of labour legislation’. Domestic workers account for some 200,000 workers in Nepal. Their work is not recognised nor well regulated, which leaves the predominately female workforce vulnerable to exploitation.The 15 stories in this collection weave a familiar but striking narrative of experiences common to millions of women around the world – limited education opportunities, forced or arranged marriage, child labour, caste-based discrimination, violence and poverty.

Yet, as you spend time with the images and reflect on the stories, you will find that their aspirations are not dissimilar to our own – dreams of saving to buy a house, wanting the best for their children and being treated with respect at work. Domestic workers want to speak and be heard. These are their stories. 


1 - 2pm, Level 4 - Breakout Space
Tuesday 13 September
Talk: Domestic Workers in Nepal - In Search of Dignity and Protection
RSVP: Ruth Chandler


  • Professor Jennifer Burn, Director, Anti-Slavery Australia
  • Laura McManus, Ethical Supply Chain Management Consultant, Konica Minolta
  • Dr Laurie Berg, Faculty of Law UTS
  • Asst. Professor Milan Dharel, Kathmandu School of Law & MICD and Executive Secretary, Swatantrata Abhiyan
  • Writtu Bhatta, Leading domestic worker’s rights advocate in Nepal
This exhibition is held in collaboration with Anti-Slavery Australia and Konica Minolta. 
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