UTS Library

Mental Health and the Law - Talk

As part of Mental Health Week, UTS Library is proud to be hosting a talk by Yega Muthu on 'the role of a lawyer in protecting a patient’s rights in a mental health review tribunal hearings'.

12 - 1pm, Wednesday 12 October
Level 2 - Events Space
UTS Library

Representing persons detained under the Mental Health Act presents significant challenges to a lawyer.  Often, despite holding a view that the application by the hospital for a period of involuntary detention may be in the individual’s best interest, when instructed by that person to oppose the application, the lawyer must balance a variety of factors when representing the affected person at the Tribunal. Instructions may change mid-hearing, and assisting the patient in dealing with a highly stressful and at times traumatic experience of involuntary detention requires specialist interpersonal skills. I will explain the role of a lawyer and how to best balance competing interests during the hearing.

About Yega
Yega Muthu is a solicitor and runs a criminal and mental health law practice in Sydney. He was recently appointed as an adjunct fellow at Faculty of Law, Western Sydney University. Yega is widely published in a variety of fields including Mental Health Law and Torts and has appeared in the media. In December 2007, he was appointed to the Mental Health Review Tribunal which gave him a new practice direction. Yega held this position for 5 years. He is now involved in a more challenging role in protecting vulnerable people in the community from exploitation.

All are welcome to attend. Non-UTS visitors will need to apply for a Day Visitor Pass at the security desk before entry.