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UTS Library to pilot 24/5 extended hours from 4 Oct - 11 Nov, 2016

UTS Library to pilot 24/5 extended hours from 4 Oct - 11 Nov, 2016

We’re excited to announce that in response to requests for longer Library opening hours, we will be trialling 24 hours a day, 5 days a week opening hours from Tuesday 4 October to Friday 11 November.

UTS Library will remain open throughout the night from Sunday to Thursday, but close as usual on Fridays (at 9pm) and Saturdays (at 6pm). The entire Library building will remain open and most services will be available throughout the night. Library and Security staff will be available to provide assistance.

During the extended hours, from 10pm to 8am, UTS students and staff will be able to access the Library using their UTS ID cards. You may be asked to show your UTS ID card to Security staff during these hours. Non-UTS clients and UTS: INSEARCH students will be required to leave at the normal 10pm closing time.

Additional security measures will be in place to ensure the safety of students and staff including an extended Security Shuttle Bus Timetable throughout the night. Students will be encouraged to remain overnight in the Library and avoid leaving late at night. Vending machines and kitchen facilities will be available on Level 4 for food and beverages.

We’ll be collecting feedback throughout the trial, so please let us know what you think. This will help us to plan our services into the future.

Please direct any enquiries or comments to Sally.Scholfield@uts.edu.au




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Level5 is my fa..., 2 years ago


Hi Seong Yun, we will be

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Edward, 2 years ago

Hi Seong Yun, we will be making a kitchen on Level 4, previously only available for UTS Library staff members, accessible to all UTS students between 10pm and 8am. The kitchen has a microwave and we are looking into food and drink machines. There is also a fridge which will be regularly emptied. 



Good job! hope guys will take

Zablon Bosire's picture
Zablon Bosire, 2 years ago

Good job! hope guys will take advantage to utilise the services responsibly for continuity of the services even beyond the trialling period. 

I hope that the staff on duty

Michael's picture
Michael, 2 years ago

I hope that the staff on duty all have some first aid training.  When people are up late, the possibility of having an accident increases, especially if we are giving students access to kitchen facilities.

All security staff have first

UTS Library's picture
UTS Library, 2 years ago

All security staff have first aid training and two security staff will be on duty in the Library each night.

this is a brilliant idea. I

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Kimberley, 2 years ago

this is a brilliant idea. I hope UTS considers extending this after the trial period. 

Great initiative UTS Library!

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Sio, 2 years ago

Great initiative UTS Library! No need for me to study all night until morning at the 24 hours Fisher library anymore. I am glad this is happening at last. Thank you UTS!

This is wonderful news. I

M's picture
M, 2 years ago

This is wonderful news. I hope there will be a campus-wide survey at the trial's conclusion so we can show the fantastic uptake these extended hours will provide and allow more permanent implementation :)

Personally i would like to

Simon's picture
Simon, 2 years ago

Personally I would like to see everyday opening hours including weekends from at least 6am - 10pm.

Great news! Its really

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Thao Luong, 2 years ago

Great news! Its really convenient for me since I finish work late night and have early morning classes :) I would just drop by and stay till the next morning. Please make it permanent. 


Thank you

Great news, at last longer

Noeline's picture
Noeline, 2 years ago

Great news, at last longer hours in the Library.  I am a law student and the extended hours are what is needed to do research and write papers.  I am so happy that UTS did this.

I hope it becomes the norm.  Everywhere else in the world the library hours are extended.  What took so long?

In the USA library hours in many universities are 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Thank you so much for the extended hours.

It would be great if the

Simon's picture
Simon, 2 years ago

It would be great if the library could open from 8am on Saturday mornings.

Great idea. I love studying

Nelson's picture
Nelson, 2 years ago

Great idea. I love studying and doing my assignment in the library especially the quiet room.

It will be great to see if a break out area with no lights is available so that we can take a nap there as well.

Having showering facilities would be good too!

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