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Highlighting some recent additions to our collection by UTS authors and editors.
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The Natural Way of Things

Charlotte Wood, Masters of Creative Arts, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Shortlisted for the 2016 Miles Franklin literary award and Winner of the 2016 Stella Prize

Two women awaken from a drugged sleep to find themselves imprisoned in a broken-down property in the middle of a desert. Strangers to each other, they have no idea where they are or how they came to be there with eight other girls, forced to wear strange uniforms, their heads shaved, guarded by two inept yet vicious armed jailers and a 'nurse'.

The girls all have something in common, but what is it? What crime has brought them here from the city? Who is the mysterious security company responsible for this desolate place with its brutal rules, its total isolation from the contemporary world?

Doing hard labour under a sweltering sun, the prisoners soon learn what links them: in each girl's past is a sexual scandal with a powerful man. They pray for rescue - but when the food starts running out it becomes clear that the jailers have also become the jailed. The girls can only rescue themselves.

Luxury : a rich history

Peter McNeil , Professor of Design History, University of Technology Sydney
Giorgio Riello, Professor at University of Warwick, UK

Description - We live in a world obsessed by luxury. Long-distance airlines compete to offer first-class sleeping experiences and hotels recommend exclusive suites where you are never disturbed. Luxury is a rapidly changing global industry that makes the headlines daily in our newspapers and on the internet. More than ever, luxury is a pervasive presence in the cultural and economic life of the West - and increasingly too in the emerging super-economies of Asia and Latin America. 

Yet luxury is hardly a new phenomenon. Today's obsession with luxury brands and services is just one of the many manifestations that luxury has assumed. In the middle ages and the Renaissance, for example, luxury was linked to notions of magnificence and courtly splendour. In the eighteenth century luxury was at the center of philosophical debates over its role in shaping people's desires and oiling the wheels of commerce. And it continues to morph today, with the growth of the global super-rich and increasing wealth polarization. 

From palaces to penthouses, from couture fashion to lavish jewellery, from handbags to red wine, from fast cars to easy money, Peter McNeil and Giorgio Riello present the first ever global history of luxury, from the Romans to the twenty-first century: a sparkling and ever-changing story of extravagance, excess, novelty, and indulgence.

Organizational Listening : The Missing Essential in Public Communication

Jim Macnamara, Professor, Associate Dean (Engagement and International), University of Technology Sydney

Description - “Feeling understood is one of the deepest psychological needs of human beings.” And yet, listening – the very key to understanding – is alarmingly absent in academic literature and communication practices. In his ground-breaking book, Jim Macnamara includes a comprehensive literature review, real-life examples of organisational practices and pointers on instituting an “architecture of listening”. ~UTS Newsroom

A Short History of Richard Kline

Amanda Lohrey , Former UTS Academic, University of Technology Sydney

Description - "By the winner of the 2012 Patrick White Literary Award"

"I woke with a gasp. And lay in the dark, open-mouthed, holding my breath. That feeling... that feeling was indescribable. For a moment I had felt as if I were falling... falling into bliss".

All his life, Richard Kline has been haunted by a sense that something is lacking. He envies the ease with which others slip into contented suburban life or the pursuit of wealth. As he moves into middle age, Richard grows angry, cynical, depressed. But then a strange event, a profound epiphany, awakens him to a different way of life. He finds himself on a quest, almost against his will, to resolve the 'divine discontent' he has suffered since childhood.

From pharmaceuticals to New Age therapies to finding a guru, Richard's journey dramatises the search for meaning in today's world. This audacious novel is an exploration of masculinity, the mystical, and our very human yearning for something more. It is hypnotic, nuanced and Amanda Lohrey's finest offering yet - a pilgrim's progress for the here and now.

Six Bedrooms

Tegan Bennett Daylight , BA in Communication, Master of Creative Arts, Doctor of Creative Arts, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Shortlisted for 2016 Stella Prize.

Six Bedrooms is about growing up; about discovering sex; and about coming of age. Full of glorious angst, embarrassment and small achievements. Hot afternoons on school ovals, the terrifying promise of losing your virginity, sneaking booze from your mother's pantry, the painful sophistication and squalor of your first share house, cancer, losing a parent.

Tegan Bennett Daylight's powerful collection captures the dangerous, tilting terrain of becoming adult. Over these ten stories, we find acute portrayals of loss and risk, of sexual longing and wreckage, blunders and betrayals. Threaded through the collection is the experience of troubled, destructive Tasha, whose life unravels in unexpected ways, and who we come to love for her defiance, her wit and her vulnerability.

Stunningly written, and shot through with humour and menace, Six Bedrooms is a mesmerising collection of moments from adolescence through adulthood, a mix of all the potent ingredients that make up a life.

The Other Side of the World

Stephanie Bishop, BA in Communication (Writing and Cultural Studies) (Hons), University of Technology Sydney

Description - Winner of the Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction 2015, Longlisted for 2016 Stella Prize.

Cambridge, 1963. Charlotte is struggling - with motherhood, with the changes marriage and parenthood bring, with losing the time and the energy to paint. Her husband, Henry, wants things to be as they were and can't face the thought of another English winter. A brochure slipped through the letterbox slot brings him the answer: 'Australia brings out the best in you'. Despite wanting to stay in the place that she knows, Charlotte is too worn out to fight. Before she has a chance to realise what it will mean, she is travelling to the other side of the world.

Arriving in Perth, the southern sun shines a harsh light on both Henry and Charlotte and slowly reveals that their new life is not the answer either was hoping for. Charlotte is left wondering if there is anywhere she belongs and how far she'll go to find her way home.

The Dirty Little Dog

Jeremy Fisher, Doctor of Creative Arts, University of Technology Sydney

Description - The Dirty Little Dog is Jeremy Fisher’s latest addition to gay literature. The story, set in a fictional, corrupted political scene in New South Wales, features Detective Terry Bradley and his partner, journalist Jack Rutherford. 

When Julian, the son of powerful media mogul Wardell Costello, disappears in mysterious circumstances, the couple, and their skills, are pitted against each other. On one side is Detective Bradley, who was assigned the case after Julian’s neighbour, Pup, raised the alarm. On the other is Jack, who was called by Costello, a long-time enemy, to find his son. Though Jack isn’t keen to take on the task, he needs the money. However, when the body of a famous rugby league player is found washed-up along Sydney Harbour and another is found dead inside Julian’s fancy inner-city apartment, the pair begin to lose hope. Someone is killing young men who have a certain connection to Julian and time is running out. 

The Dirty Little Dog is a fascinating read, best suited to those who enjoy a dark thriller with a complex intriguing mix of power, hidden-truths and money. ​~UTS Newsroom

Inexperience : and other stories

Anthony Macris, Associate Professor, Creative Writing Program, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Can a relationship survive a long-anticipated but disappointing world trip? Will a small-shopkeeper cope when pitted against an emerging megamall? How do we keep our sanity in the face of life's obstacles-and, when we don't, what will pull it back again? Take a trip through the world's greatest cities and into the mind's darkest places.

Anthony Macris's new fiction-a novella and accompanying story cycle-deftly examines our fragile relationships with travel, art, money and, especially, each other. Inexperience includes award-winning work previously featured in publications such as Penguin's Australian Writing Now and Picador New Writing. The collection refreshes and unites Macris's early work with new writing from the perspective of the more mature and contemplative writer. In it, Macris's innovative story-telling and subtle ironies show how the experiences that make or break us can also be the ones that tell us who we are.

Developing the Right to Social Security : A Gender Perspective

Beth Goldblatt , Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Social security and its articulation as a human right have received increased attention in recent years and have huge significance to women who are disproportionately affected by poverty in all parts of the world.

Beth Goldblatt's book interprets and redefines the right to social security from a gender perspective. Drawing on feminist theory, Beth Goldblatt formulates a conceptual approach and a set of principles for a substantively equal, gendered right to social security. In so doing, she challenges the relationship between the right to social security and traditional conceptions of work that exclude women's labour including their caring roles.

Goldblatt applies this approach to a study of international law as well as to the laws of three countries: South Africa, Australia and India. (Description from the UTS Book Launch)

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