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24/5 Survey - Tell us what you think

Our pilot trial of opening 24 hours for 5 days per week (24/5) has now been running for a few weeks and we would like to know what you think?

To help us review the pilot, we are gathering feedback from students and staff.
You may like to complete this short survey or there is a paper version at the Enquiries & Loans Desk, near the entry to the Library. 

We will use the review to help us plan Library hours and services for 2017. 


Why only paper form? Still

Vanouhi's picture
Vanouhi, 3 years ago

Why only paper form? Still haven't been into the library but having the chat available at 3am when I was trying to figure out my references was brilliant!

It would be a better idea to

Fahad Ahmad's picture
Fahad Ahmad, 3 years ago

It would be a better idea to have the survey available online. Anyway, the idea to have the library opens 24 hours in the month of the final is excellent, I actually told one of the library's staff last year that the library should be opened for 24 hours during the finals, glad you guys did that. 

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