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Project Management Research and Practice - Changing truths in Project Management

Project Management Research and Practice

UTS ePRESS is delighted to announce the launch of a new journal: Project Management Research and Practice.

Project Management Research and Practice (PMRP) is a scholarly peer reviewed, open access title, focussing on the humanitarian dimensions, uses and applications of projects and project management. The journal reflects the changing nature of project management towards more socially responsible research and practice with real world impact, providing a forum for informed dialogue amongst project management researchers, practitioners and other key stakeholders.

Through the discourse of applied and reflective project management, PMRP aims to generate critical conversations to help solve major global issues and reflect the key public priorities of our time: climate change, education, government services, health care, internet governance, open and big data, power and energy, public transportation, urbanisation planning, waste and sanitation, water and water management, to name just a few.

Recognising that critical information can come from many stakeholders undertaking project management, a key goal of PMRP is to publish a range of quality material that is of clear and immediate value to PM practitioners. PMRP builds on the foundations of former title, Organizational Project Management. New editor-in-chief, Dr. Beverly Pasian, says “PMRP will facilitate the metaphorical conversation of project management, but the real conversations we want to influence are beyond these pages, and beyond the authors whose writing appears upon them”.

With these goals clearly in mind, the first issue of PMRP includes a collection of high quality research and practitioner papers reflecting project management activities in the non-profit sector. UTS ePRESS welcomes PMRP to its journal collection. UTS ePRESS publications embody the press’s fundamental principles:  research excellence, open scholarship, publishing ethics, digital innovation and social justice - with many titles bringing together practitioners and researchers to tackle real-world issues for the greater good of society.  Project Management: Research and Practice continues this UTS ePRESS tradition.