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Food for Fines - Lucky Number 8!

Food for Fines

Thank you to all those people who participated in our recent 2016 Food for Fines initiative. We have had another successful campaign, our eigth, with people donating 1845 food items, which makes this our best year since Food for Fines started in 2009.

This year has also been our best year for the number of people who have donated food, with 295 people participating. Again as in previous years, we also received a significant amount of food from people who didn’t have any fines or had fines and gave us more items than they were required to.

The donations have now been picked up by Missionbeat staff and to give you some idea of the impact that Food for Fines has had, in the eight years that we have run it we have collected 10,800 food items for Mission Australia to distribute to people in need. 

Thanks again for your contribution, we hope you enjoy the upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday.

Mission Australia - Food for Fines pickup