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Upskill with Lynda.com

Lynda.com is now LinkedIn Learning

Hundreds of online courses on software & web development, design, photography, marketing and many more relevant topics, available anywhere, anytime. 

As students and staff of UTS you have access to online tutorials taught by industry experts which will guide you through popular topics including Microsoft Office, web design, English grammar, Adobe  Creative Suite, programming languages, project management, 3D design, animation, video, audio and much more.

Boost your resume or simply have fun learning something new. Exercises and certificates of completion are available for many courses.

Lynda.com is available from Quick Links on the Library website homepage, the Library Catalogue and via apps downloaded to your mobile device.

Login via the website:

  1. Login via the Lynda.com homepage
  2. Login > Organization login
  3. Type “uts.edu.au” > press “Go”
  4. Enter your student login details

Login via mobile devices 

  1. Download the app 
  2. Login via the Web portal (Android)/Organisation or school (Apple) option typing in www.uts.edu.au
  3. Login using your webmail details

Login directly via the Library (with your UTS Single Sign On) to Lynda.com

Watch How to use Lynda.com to get the most out of our subscription.