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We’re Opening Longer Hours

We're pleased to announce that UTS Library will be open for longer hours at the end of this Autumn session. UTS students and staff will have access to Library collections and spaces for additional hours between Monday, 8 May and Friday, 30 June 2017.

This eight week trial builds on last year’s extended hours pilot, which took place in the last six weeks of the Spring session. During last year’s pilot, we gathered a large amount of data and feedback, from gate entries, surveys and observations, which told us that most students left the Library around or before 1am, and that not many stayed all night. Additionally, students have requested that we extend hours on more nights over a longer period of weeks.

We have decided to trial a different model this session, keeping some of the successful elements of last year’s pilot and introducing some changes. This time, we will extend the hours on six days a week for eight weeks of the session - from Sunday to Friday, the Library will open at 7am and close at 1am. On Saturdays, opening hours will be the same as usual (10am - 6pm). 

As with last year’s trial, students using the Library during the extended hours will have access to the Level 4 kitchen, which will have tea, coffee and hot chocolate available free of charge. A new vending machine with a wider range of food will be installed in the Library foyer.

We understand that some students would prefer the Library to open 24 hours a day and this new model may not meet their needs. We would like to emphasise that this is another trial and we will use the resulting data and feedback to determine the hours for the Spring session later in the year.

All feedback will be welcome.

Opening Hours

From Monday, 8 May to Friday, 30 June the Library will open:

  • Monday: 7am to 1am
  • Tuesday: 7am to 1am
  • Wednesday: 7am to 1am
  • Thursday: 7am to 1am
  • Friday: 7am to 1am
  • Saturday: 10am to 6pm (usual opening hours)
  • Sunday: 7am to 1am

Note: During the extended hours, the Library will be open for UTS students and staff only.
Non-UTS clients, including alumni and reciprocal institutional memberships, will be able to use the Library during regular opening hours only.

Online Chat

You can Chat LIVE! with a Librarian during the extended hours period from:

  • Monday to Thursday: 12pm to 1am
  • Friday: 1pm to 1am
  • Sunday: 6pm to 1am


As a nurse working full-time

Vanessa's picture
Vanessa, 2 years ago

As a nurse working full-time and studying part-time the new hours are a Godsend. Working shifts means I can still come to the library after shifts end and get in a good amount of work before goinghome. HUGE thank you for the extended hours :)

In Spring 2016, during

KARANJAGRI's picture
KARANJAGRI, 2 years ago

In Spring 2016, during extended hours, I always stayed in library for 24 hours 3-4 times a week.but this session because of the new time limit I have to leave at 1am. SO now I never come to library at night and I do study in building 1 which is not a quit place even at night time.  Hopefully you will extend the time to 24 hrs again in next session spring 2017 .

I guess the closed hour set

Ruijue's picture
Ruijue, 2 years ago

I guess the closed hour set to 1 AM not open for 24 hours, might because the waste of resource,  Last semester, I stayed in the library for 24 hours more than eight times. After 1 AM, only a few students continue to study... but this not means all the students want to leave library before 1 AM. This semester, due to the limit open time of library, I have to study in Building 11 at night... For the next semester, I hope the library could open 24 hours for just one floor, such as Level 3!, because Level 3 has the big Mac, whereas other floors don't have.

Library should be open for 24

Bilal's picture
Bilal, 2 years ago

Library should be open for 24 hrs during exams period. I used to take nap from time to time while studying which i can't do now. Was happy last smester but not now :(

Last semester my grade raise

Level5 is my favourite's picture
Level5 is my fa..., 2 years ago

Last semester my grade raise quite significant, I believe staying at library 24 hours last semester does involve with this. I hope the 24 hours service will happen again next semester

Sometimes I just love my Uni

Ni's picture
Ni, 2 years ago

Sometimes I just love my Uni so badly~~~~

I just have a cup of hot chocolate in the level 4 kitchen, which makes me feel so good and warm right now.

This is the first time of using the coffee machine, the working sound of the machine makes me feel a little bit nervous, a flashing light with some beeping sounds~~~~~~~

I like the environment of level 5 very much, and I even want to live in here forever. Level 5 is a quiet place, and the reading lamp is so gorgeous. I like quiet places like level 5, and here even provide some individual tables.

For a fancy place to study, I think the place should provide a quiet environment, individual tables (better to have table lamps), microwave machines, and boiled water (if a napping place like level 2 provided is also a luxury though:). Of course, I expect longer opening hours to stay in the libary, but I know it is also very hard for our working staffs. Nevertheless, as long as the library is opening, I will prefer to come.

The longer hours are great,

Simon's picture
Simon, 2 years ago

The longer hours are great, and in addition it would be useful if the library could be open on Saturday mornings from 10am during the Autumn, Spring and also the Summer sessions.

In relation to the 24 hours

Simon's picture
Simon, 2 years ago

Anyone else find it useful for the library to be open from 10am on Saturdays throughout the normal session ?

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