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Talk - Youth Homelessness: The Greatest Poverty

Youth Homelessness Talk

Youth Homelessness Matters Day, April 5th

Youth Homelessness Matters Day is a national campaign aimed at raising awareness of  youth homelessness amongst the wider community. Homelessness affects 26,000 Australians aged 12-25, while young people make up 42% of the entire homelessness population.

Talk - Youth Homelessness: The Greatest Poverty

Join us at UTS Library for a talk presented by Melissa Kang, a medical doctor and academic who has worked with homeless youth as a GP for 25 years. 

Mother Theresa said 'We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty'. Homeless young people face material, emotional and sometimes spiritual poverty.

In this talk, Melissa Kang will share some of her work with homeless young people over the past 20 years. She will discuss the reasons that young people become homeless, their health needs based on her own research and their stories of courage and resilience. She will also provide some data on the extent of youth homelessness in Australia, and some of the policy responses to youth homelessness.

12pm - 1pm, Tuesday 2 May
Level 2 – Events Space
UTS Library

Youth Homelessness Matters Book Display

UTS Library invites the community to learn more about the issue of youth homelessness in Australia and to challenge established myths and misconceptions. A collection of books, reports and documentary films on youth homelessness will be on display in the Library foyer for library members to read and borrow.

If you would like to learn more about Youth Homelessness in Australia, visit the Youth Homelessness Matters website or the National Youth Coalition for Housing website.

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