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Timo Rissanen, 2017 UTS Library Artist-in-Residence, PhD from the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building (DAB), University of Technology Sydney.
Assistant Professor, Fashion Design and Sustainability, Parsons School of Design at The New School, New York.

Description#communication is an embroidery sampler of short phrases cross-stitched daily over 100 days and posted on social media. They are responses and reactions to written communications that are today very immediate, sometimes public and often unclear in their meaning. The daily stitching was a radical act of slowing down, at a time when there was, and is, a sense of urgency around all communications.

Working on #communication during spring 2016 was an alternative experience of time, in a city that continues to claim its inhabitants as chronically insufficient no matter how little we sleep and how many hours we work. Over the 100 days the piece took approximately 120 hours to complete.

The stitched frame was a response to the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, which occurred on day 90 of the project.

Hello, Sydney!

Megan McKean, Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Visual Communication, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Curriculum Picture Book
Hello, Sydney! is a charming introduction to the harbour city for young children. Six cheeky seagulls set out early in the morning to explore Sydney and stop in to 15 of their favourite places for food, fun, shopping and culture.

Kids will delight in spotting the mischievous seagulls hidden amongst these beautiful illustrations. The highly detailed illustrations also provide lots more fun items for eagle-eyed children to spot, encouraging observation and repeat reading.

Lesser-known facts about each of the locations will appeal to both kids and parents.

Leadership in Education: Learning from Experience

Pam Ryan, Professor, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney

Description - In a world full of conceptual theories of leadership, Pam Ryan goes back to experience to discover patterns and principles that actually work for the person in the bosss chair. After decades leading in Australian and overseas schools and government, she has honed an understanding of what concepts count in the real world. This book is in 4 parts, dealing with: - THE ART OF LEADERSHIP - LEADING TEAMS - LEADING CURRICULUM - INNOVATION. The focus is schools and education, but like a breath of fresh air her striking insights inspire readers in any career, who find the typical pontifications of experts do not solve all their problems. Includes case studies and diagrams.

Wise Heads, Wise Hearts: Conversations with Asia-Pacific School Leaders

Pam Ryan, Professor, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney

Description - In Wise Heads, Wise Hearts, educator Pam Ryan explores a variety of conceptual leadership styles through a range of school and organisational case studies. Taking a personal approach to the business of school leadership, she presents a variety of models and goals for all educators who wish to lead their schools with a wise head and a wise heart into a new future.

In multiple conversations with school leaders throughout Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand, Pam looks at their beliefs and values as 'wise heads', and the ways in which their thoughts and actions impact on the 'hearts' of their school: their students, colleagues and communities.

Through careful examination of the common threads and elements, Wise Heads, Wise Hearts conceptualises models of best practice approaches to school leadership. Through a three-stage analytical framework, the book outlines the key priorities, attitudes and skills for current and future leaders, drawing from the lived experience and professional accomplishments of her interview subjects.

Language at Work: Analysing Language Use in Work, Education, Medical and Museum Contexts

Helen De Silva Joyce, Lecturer, Adult Education, University of Technology Sydney.
Manager of the New South Wales Adult Migrant English Service, Program Support and Development Services.

Description - Over recent decades, linguists have used various theoretical frameworks to investigate the language of the workplace and public institutions, and this work continues to expand into new social contexts. This linguistic research has been used for various applied purposes, including the need to improve communication within organisations and with external clients, customers and patients, and to develop communication and language training programs.

Language at Work: Analysing Language Use in Work, Education, Medical and Museum Contexts outlines recent linguistic research in a cross-section of institutions museums, schools, universities, defence, non-government organisations, universities, hospitals and corporations, as well as Asian-based call centres. The chapters will be of interest to students and scholars of linguistics, language teachers, museum curators, trainers, and educators, in addition to the general reader interested in organisational communication.

Electronic version : EBSCOhost

Shining a Light on the Autism Spectrum: Experiences and Aspirations of Adults

Debra Costley, Kerry Ritzrow, Susan Bruck, Susanna Baldwin
Karen Haas, Master of Arts in Information and Knowledge Management and Research Assistant, Law, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Produced in conjunction with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), Australia’s largest provider of services with people on the autism spectrum, this new text explores the experiences, needs and aspirations of adults on the spectrum.

The volume utilises the structure of a recent survey (the only one of its type in Australia and one of few conducted internationally) and presents data from the study with contributions from adults on the spectrum to illustrate the findings with first person accounts and case studies.

By drawing on these unique experiences, this valuable resource is presented in a way that will be both engaging and accessible for a wide range of readers.

Day of Judgment: The Janna Chronicles 6

Felicity Pulman, Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Creative Writing), University of Technology Sydney

Description - Young Adult Fiction / Adult Fiction
The 6th and last book in the The Janna Chronicles. Visit Felicity Pulman's website to read about the other books in this series.

Love, revenge, secrets – and murder – in a medieval kingdom at war.

Once Janna and her father are finally reconciled, she realises that she poses a threat to her father's family after there's an attempt on her life. Unwilling to name the culprit, but with a secret plan,

Janna accompanies her father to Oxeneford where the Empress Matilda is under siege from King Stephen and in desperate need of help. Janna finally tells her father the truth about her mother's death, and enlists his support in bringing the murderer to justice. But at the same time, and to her dismay, her father asks the king to negotiate a prestigious marriage for her.

When the man she truly loves is accused of murder, Janna has one last crime to solve – until the siege of Wiltune turns her life upside down and changes everything.

The Media and the Massacre : Port Arthur 1996-2016

Sonya Voumard, Doctorate of Creative Arts and former lecturer in Creative Non-fiction and Journalism, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Sonya Voumard's The Media and the Massacre is a chilling portrayal of journalism, betrayal, and storytelling surrounding the 1996 Port Arthur massacre.

Inspired, in part, by renowned American author Janet Malcolm's famously controversial work The Journalist and the Murderer, Voumard's elegant new work of literary non-fiction examines the fascinating theme of 'the writer's treachery'. The author brings to bear her own journalistic experiences, ideas and practices in a riveting inquiry into her profession that is part-memoir and part ethical investigation.

In the lead-up to the 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre, The Media and the Massacre explores the nature of journalistic intent and many of the wider moral and social issues of the storytelling surrounding the events and their place in our cultural memory.

The Australian dream : housing experiences of older Australians

Alan Morris,  Research Professor, Institute for Public Policy and Governance, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Pioneering research into how housing tenure affects the life quality of older Australians.

Australia is experiencing a significant demographic shift – the proportion of the population that is aged 65 years and older is increasing substantially and will continue to do so. With this shift comes particular housing challenges for older people. 

The Australian Dream examines the impacts of housing tenure on older Australians who are solely or primarily dependent on the age pension for their income.

Drawing on 125 in-depth interviews, it compares the life circumstances of older social housing tenants, private renters and homeowners – their capacity to pay for their accommodation, how this cost impacts on their ability to lead a decent life, maintain social ties and pursue leisure activities, and how their housing situation affects their health and wellbeing.

This Thing Called Theory

Teresa Stoppani, Adjunct Professor, School of Architecture, University of Technology Sydney and Head of Architecture, Leeds Beckett University
George Themistokleous, Leeds Beckett University
Giorgio Ponzo, Leeds Beckett University

Description - In the age of post-digital architecture and digital materiality, This Thing Called Theory explores current practices of architectural theory, their critical and productive role. The book is organized in sections which explore theory as an open issue in architecture, as it relates to and borrows from other disciplines, thus opening up architecture itself and showing how architecture is inextricably connected to other social and theoretical practices.

The sections move gradually from the specifics of architectural thought – its history, theory, and criticism – and their ongoing relation with philosophy, to the critical positions formulated through architecture’s specific forms of expression, and onto more recent forms of architecture’s engagement and self-definition. The book’s thematic sessions are concluded by and interspersed with a series of shorter critical position texts, which, together, propose a new vision of the contemporary role of theory in architecture. What emerges, overall, is a critical and productive role for theory in architecture today: theory as a proposition, theory as task and as a ‘risk’ of architecture.

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