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Green Week Debate 2017 - Private Land Rights are Killing Nature

sign reading "Private Land Rights are Killing Nature"

UTS Library, in partnership with UTS Green, will be hosting the Green Week Debate. This year, debaters will tap into global happenings in environment and politics to consider whether Private Land Rights are Killing Nature.

This is the fifth year that the Library will host the Green Week Debate. Since first hosting the event in 2013, debates have covered diverse topics, such as:

This year's debate will be a lively exchange of ideas between UTS Faculty of Law and the UTS Debating Society.

Thursday 25 May
1pm - 2pm
Level 2 - Event Space
UTS Library 

Bring your lunch and enjoy a delightful deliberation on buying, killing, selling and saving all that is natural and good. 

This event is delivered as part of the UTS Library's Green Week 2017 Program.

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Green Week Debate_03