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New Impact of UTS Library Artists-in-Residence


State Library of NSW adopts work by former UTS Library Artists-in-Residence

Two former UTS Library Artists-in-Residence, Elisa Lee and Adam Hinshaw, have recently launched a digital engagement project with the State Library of NSW. Their project, Unstacked, was produced through a DXLab fellowship showing the library's physical and digitised collection.

The NSW State Library's collections include a diverse mix of resources including photographs, diaries, paintings, sketches, maps, artefacts and floppy disks. Unstacked reveals the breadth and diversity of this collection by producing an interactive visual display of items that are being accessed by library clients in real time. It forms a living, breathing representation of the public's interaction with the collection.

Unstacked incorporates ideas, which Adam and Elisa developed during their residency with the UTS Library in 2014. This residency focussed on visualisations of the Library Retrieval System (LRS) and interactions between people, books and places. The interactive visualisation of real-time movement of LRS items and the playful audio work of books talking to each other is on permanent display in the UTS Library foyer. Paired with the visual representation of the State Library's collection, Unstacked also makes use of the colourful Dewey spectogram developed by Chris Gaul as a part of his UTS Library Artist-in-Residence in 2012.

Unstacked has been developed as part of a DXLab fellowship, Australia's first dedicated digital fellowship that has been specifically set up to support the creative and innovative use of the Library's collection data. DXLab is Australia's first cultural-heritage innovation lab and is housed in the State Library of NSW.

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