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Our Languages Matter - NAIDOC Week 2 - 9 July

NAIDOC Week celebrates the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Each year, NAIDOC chooses a theme to highlight different cultural and historical elements. The 2017 theme, Our Languages Matter, reminds us that around 250 unique Indigenous language groups once covered the continent. While many Australian cities and landmarks are Indigenous language words, only around 120 Indigenous languages are still spoken. When we recognise these words, we generate a greater appreciation and respect for all of the languages used across Australia.

In recognition of NAIDOC week, the UTS Library are celebrating some of the projects that our staff are involved in that further understanding and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples:

Launch of Referencing and Cultural Appropriation Materials

UTS has been actively engaged in a project to develop more appropriate ways of referencing Indigenous materials.Through a partnership between the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building (DAB), the Library has developed new guidelines within the UTS Harvard Referencing system that deal specifically with Indigenous Materials. The updated guidelines are an important step towards a referencing system that acknowledges the country, nation, and authors of Indigenous works.

This partnership has also produced a series of animations dealing with the question of cultural appropriation. These animations are aimed at increasing cultural literacy among UTS students and staff, and will become part of the curriculum in undergraduate Design subjects.

An example of these animations can be found at this link.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Data Archive, (ATSIDA)

In addition to improving the referencing of material, the Library, through ATSIDA, is engaged in supporting the individual and collective rights of researchers, community groups, and institutions to control the circumstances in which their knowledge is shared and applied. ATSIDA,is a specialised research data management facility for Australian Indigenous research data. ATSIDA manages the collection, storage and res-use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research data according to appropriate protocols. The protocols were developed as a best practice guide not only to ensure the effective management of data, but the development of trust between  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities, researchers and institutions.

Visit the ATSIDA website to browse some research data by language community, geographic location or subject.  

Updated Acknowledgement of Country at Library entrance

We would like to thank all staff at Jumbunna for working with us to reword, redesign and place our acknowledgement of country, now located in the library entrance. 

The Library team have also put together a book display, highlighting Aboriginal and Torres Strait  Islander people, histories, and contributions. This display is located in the Read display, in the Library foyer.