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UTS ePress congratulates Gateways journal on ten years of quality publishing

Gateways: Volume 10

Since 2008, Gateways: International journal of community research and engagement has been at the forefront of a growing global movement in higher education to bring complex, multi-disciplinary, community-engaged research to a wide audience.

Launched as a joint partnership by UTS Shopfront at the University of Technology Sydney and the Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL) at Loyola University in Chicago, USA, the journal has distinguished itself for the quality of the engaged research it publishes and its adherence to best-standard practices of ethical publishing.

As its publisher, UTS ePRESS is proud to support the journal in its important work. We are also very happy to share the latest article download figures in the graph below and show the Google Analytics world map representing the extensive geographic reach of the journal. These figures highlight the incredibly strong growth Gateways has had over the last three-plus years. We believe this is the result of the quality and engaging content the journal shares coupled with the Press’ drive toward greater openness in terms of access, technology and licensing.

All Gateways’ content is machine readable as are its Creative Common “CC BY” licenses leaving ownership and control of content in authors’ hands. Some of Gateways most cited articles are also included below.

Gateways has continued to achieve greater reach and impact year-on-year, with 2016 being an exceptional year for their PDF and HTML full article downloads:

OJS Journal Report Graph 


Since 1 January 2008, Gateways has demonstrated a worldwide audience, including strong readership in countries where English is not the official language spoken:

Worlwide Audience Map 

Some of Gateways’ most cited articles include Sustaining Community-University Partnerships: Lessons learned from a participatory research project with elderly Chinese (2011), A framework for entry: PAR values and engagement strategies in community research (2010) and Working together: A methodological case study of 'engaged scholarship' (2010). Also, featured in the Guardian article, ‘Sydney: we need to talk about our postcode prejudice’, was Western Sydney is hot! Community arts and changing perceptions of the West.

Gateways: Volume 10, 2017

This year Gateways published its tenth volume, a special co-edition with the Talloires Network that featured articles by previous winners of the MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship – an annual prize awarded to higher education institutions for exceptional student community engagement initiatives.

Six articles were featured, exploring the innovative work occurring at: the University of Veracruz, Mexico; the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; the Catholic University of Chile; the University of Technology Sydney; the Aga Khan University, Pakistan; and the International Medical University, Malaysia.

Apart from Australia, this was the first time that Gateways has published articles from these countries and their publication is a testament to the journal’s sustained efforts to bring excellence and diversity in community-university research and practice to a wide audience.

The volume was launched at the Talloires Network Leaders Conference in Xalapa, Mexico, with a breakout session featuring all six lead authors and the Managing Editor of Gateways.