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Special Collections Showcase: Interaction of Color

Image from Interaction of Color

On Wednesday 19 July, UTS Library opened up its Special Collections to showcase Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color to members and friends of the Australian Book Designers Association. Joseph Albers’ 1963 book Interaction of Color provided the most comprehensive analysis of the function and perception of colour to date and profoundly influenced art education and artistic practice, particularly in Century Color Field painting and Minimalism.

The Library’s copy of Interaction of Color, which was published in a limited run in 1963, was originally intended to be used by students in the exploration and application of colour theory. The resource includes 80 original silkscreen prints and extended commentary from Josef Albers.

Interaction of Color is a much loved rare book in our Special Collections. These collections are varied and include works from and extensive resources about the Australian artist Norman Lindsay, a collection on Typography, and photographic works from Australian photographer Therese Sweeney.

A small selection of our Special Collections are on display in our Special Collections Room, on Level 3 of the Library. While items in these collections cannot be borrowed, they can be handled within the Library. If you are interested in using our Special Collections, please ask at the Loans and Enquiries Desk.

A showcase of Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color