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EMIS: Emerging Markets Information Service

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EMIS: Emerging Markets Information Service is available through the Library Catalogue and in FIND > Databases.

EMIS operates in and reports on countries where high reward goes hand-in-hand with high risk. We bring you time-sensitive, hard-to-get, relevant news, research and analytical data, peer comparisons and more for over 125 emerging markets. Unlike other intelligence providers. Most of our staff are actually based in emerging markets. This helps to give you an insiders perspective on these countries, using the relationships we have forged with local providers of news, analysis and data.

Briefing tomorrow’s emerging markets experts.

With over two decades of expertise providing intelligence on emerging markets to University Librarians and Students across the globe, EMIS University enables you to quickly navigate high volumes of content to isolate the information most pertinent to your research needs.

With reliable information from the most trusted sources in the emerging markets, you can generate informed, conclusive and thoroughly evaluated reports – in just a few clicks.

EMIS University delivers proprietary and multi-source news, data, research and more than 2M+ private and public company profiles – in an archived, indexed, searchable and easy to use format.

EMIS University