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UTS ePRESS announces new book - Genocide Perspectives V: A Global Crime, Australian Voices

Genocide Perspectives V: A Global Crime, Australian Voices

UTS ePRESS presents Genocide Perspectives V - the latest in the scholarly series addressing genocide and holocaust studies.  

Why do these deeply confronting crimes continue to occur? In a closer, globalised world, where the seeds of conflict are quickly seen and the evidence of atrocity readily available, are we any closer to preventing their occurrence and outing the perpetrators? Having established International Criminal Courts with the legislative power to respond to these crimes, why do some progressive, democratic countries strive to evade full commitment? Why do countries continue to deny their involvement in genocides of the past and is Australia also tarnished?

This collection presents compelling analysis of historical events and the contemporary challenges in defining, learning from and teaching about genocide. Contributors include The Hon Michael Kirby, Geoffrey Robertson, John Maynard, Jennifer Balint, and the renowned scholar and educator Colin Tatz.

Editors: Nikki Marczak and Kirril Shields
Published by: UTSePRESS