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100 New Fiction Books to Get Your Hands on This Summer

Stack of books and sunglasses in beach setting

Whether you're escaping Sydney for a summer holiday, relaxing with friends and family or enjoying some quiet time on the beach, we have a stack of new bestselling fiction books for you to indulge in over the session break.

To browse UTS Library's entire fiction collection, search for "fiction" in the Library Catalogue.

Don't know which book to choose?

UTS Library staff members have reviewed some of their favourites to get you started.

An Isolated IncidentAn Isolated Incident
Emily Maguire
Not just another "dead girl" crime thriller. Maguire writes about the people behind the headlines, the pain that not knowing brings and the paucity of comfort in finally knowing. Small town Australia never felt so real. This is a feminist approach to crime fiction that will change the way you read the headlines, watch the news and consume the crime show staple of dead girls on slabs.
Recommended by Pam

Any Dream Will DoAny Dream Will Do
Debbie Macomber
Based on themes of faith and second chances, Macomber writes in a clear, easy style that aims to lift up and affirm the reader. If you feel like you've lost hope, this book was written for you. 
Recommended by Sean

I Hate Everyone But YouI Hate Everyone But You
Gaby Dunn
This is a great one if you're looking for something light hearted and easy to read.
Recommended by Ana

Moral Imagination: EssaysMoral Imagination
David Bromwich
Thought provoking. Regardless of whether you agree with the arguments put forth, the questions raised are worthy of reflection. 
Recommended by Ben

An Uncertain GraceAn Uncertain Grace
Krissy Kneen
If you like your Sci-Fi sexy and your erotica a bit Sci-Fi then this is the book for you. In this world Virtual Reality is a tool and a weapon. 
Recommended by Pam

He Said She SaidHe Said, She Said
Erin Kelly
You'll find it hard to put down. Will keep you guessing until the end. Highly recommended to anyone who loves a thriller!
Recommended by Ana

Our Souls at NightOur Souls at Night
Kent Haruf
Strangely clipped yet intimate, Haruf's sparse prose is at once unflinching and warm. A fascinating story of life and memory.  
Recommended by Sean

Seven Types of AmbiguitySeven Types of Ambiguity
Elliot Perlman
A psychological thriller, set in Melbourne. Simon is an out of work teacher who still pines over ex-girlfriend. In his depressed state, Simon makes a stupid decision which affects the lives around him.   
Recommended by Ellie

The RefugeesThe Refugees
Viet Thanh Nguyen
A collection of short stories about war immigrants. These stories not just address culture conflicts, but also the issues nearly all families face, such as coping with crisis, ties of families, etc.   
Recommended by Christina

The DrownerThe Drowner
Robert Drewe
This book describes a beautiful yet tragic romantic story based on real events and recollections of Western Australia's past. Drewe paints a picture of place and hope using a contrast of water and the lack of it.
Recommended by Eleanor

The Street Sweeper book coverThe Street Sweeper
Elliot Perlman
With two intertwined story lines told through memories of the black civil rights movement in America and the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust, this highly compelling novel challenged my perception of how far we’ve come and how far we still need to go toward the direction of fair treatment of humankind.
Recommended by Melinda

The HelpThe Help
Kathryn Stockett
Set in the 1960’s, college graduate Skeeter returns home where the majority of help are African-American. A number of these women help Skeeter challenging racist mindsets, social structures and working conditions in America’s South with her mighty pen and sharp mind. If you have seen the movie you’ll know how well Stockett contrasts wit and humour with grief and drama showing the humanity and sacrifices made by these women to make the world a better place.
Recommended by Dayl

The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald
This American Classic is where the story of Jay Gatsby and his pursuit of Daisy Buchannan comes to life. Set in the years preceding the great depression, Fitzgerald explores the pitfalls of the extreme pursuit of the American dream through the eyes of Nick Carraway. It’s not hard to identify with Nick navigating life as a recent college graduand or for intrigue to capture your attention as conspiracies transpire and disillusionment enlightens.
Recommended by Dayl