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UTS ePRESS releases new book - Intercultural Learning

Intercultural Learning

UTS ePRESS is proud to announce the publication of its latest open access book, the educational resource, Intercultural Learning: critical preparation for International student travel by Peter Jones, Debra Miles and Narayan Gopalkrishnan.

As overseas student exchanges remain increasingly popular aspects of the internationalisation of higher education around the globe, Intercultural learning: Critical preparation for international student travel provides a much needed resource to help students get the most out of their time abroad. While much effort in preparing students focuses on the practical and logistical aspects of student travel, Intercultural learning aims to take students beyond practical preparation, and equip them with a critical lens through which to view and understand their international experiences.

An engaging and media rich work incorporating video as well as practical and reflective exercises, the book helps student develop a deeper understanding of culture and cultural difference by exploring challenging concepts such as imperialism, racism, privilege and intercultural practice.

As an adjunct to traditional approaches, Intercultural learning: Critical preparation for international student travel adds a significant and valuable dimension to the process of preparing students for international study, increasing the potential for meaningful and transformative learning experiences abroad.