UTS Library

Science Week exhibition call-out for ideas

UTS Library is calling out to students and staff for expressions of interest from the areas of science, engineering, technology and/or innovation. To celebrate National Science Week this year (11-19 August), we would like to put on an exhibition that showcases the outstanding work being done at UTS.

The Exhibition Program showcases the scholarly output of UTS students and academic staff and curates exhibitions across a range of disciplines including design, architecture, art, science, and social sciences. With an emphasis on research outcomes and an exploration of creative process, these exhibitions highlight some of the most exciting creative research emerging from UTS and support the Library’s vision to connect people, knowledge, technology and culture at the heart of the UTS campus. 

The exhibition is an opportunity for student or staff work and research to be recognised by the wider UTS community, promoting curiosity and engagement with future students and across faculties. UTS Library invites you to put forward work being done individually or in a team by students, researchers or teaching staff. 

How to apply: 
* Submit your idea by the 9th May by sending a short blurb to karina.glasby@uts.edu.au
* The work should have a visual element to it e.g. objects, images, video, technology (include photos if possible)
* The exhibition should: Promote and encourage interest in the areas of science, engineering, technology and/or innovation; and communicate the relevance of this area in everyday life.

Image above: In Living Traces (2017), Honours student Megan Wong investigated the microbial traces left on library books. Using agar gel, Megan cultivated microorganisms found
 on UTS Library books as they were being borrowed and returned. The resulting installation was a fresh visualisation of the Dewey Decimal classification system that revealed the hidden and unnoticed traces left when humans interact with books.

Image top right: As part of National Science Week 2016, UTS Library showcased the research of four of UTS’s leading forensic science academics. Women in Forensic Science was an interactive exhibition that allowed visitors to experience forensic discovery by engaging with real forensic techniques being developed at UTS.