UTS Library

Extended hours 6 May to 28 June 2019

Autumn Session Extended Opening Hours 

We're pleased to announce that UTS Library will be open for longer hours again at the end of this Autumn session. UTS students and staff will have access to Library collections and spaces for additional hours between Monday 6 May until Friday 28 June 2019.

The Library will be open: 
7am to 1am daily - Monday 6 May to Friday 28 June 2019*
(including the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday - Monday 10 June)

As previously, students using the Library during the extended hours will have access to the Level 4 kitchen, which will have tea, coffee and hot chocolate available free of charge daily from 10pm. Food is available from vending machines located in the Library foyer.

During the extended hours, the Library will be open for UTS students, UTS Insearch and staff only. Day visitor access will be unavailable from Monday 3 June - Friday 28 June. 

Non-UTS clients, including alumni and reciprocal institutional memberships, will be able to use the Library during regular opening hours only.

*Please note: Extended hours finish on Friday 28 June at 21:00

More chat support!

Our online chat service has extended hours:

  • Monday to Sunday : 7am to 1am until 27 June
  • Friday 28 June 7am to 9pm

If online chat is unavailable and you have any questions, please Ask a Librarian!


The opening hours are great

Anthony's picture
Anthony, 2 years ago

The opening hours are great but 10 pm for hot chocolate! I need one by 8 pm just to get me there :)

Would be better if we could

Mohammad's picture
Mohammad, 2 years ago

Would be better if we could use the kitchen facitlites before 10 pm, also are you guys thinking about trialing a 3am closing time? I cant speak for most but i tend to move to another building after 1 am and work till 3 am, would be a lot easier if the extended times would be extended till 3 am thanks :)

Hot chocolte and coffee in

Nihar's picture
Nihar, 1 year ago

Hot chocolte and coffee in the winter can help to study pretty well. But if kithcen can open early around 8pm or 9pm, it can be more helpful.

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