UTS Library

Halo - a new moveable screen is now available to assist with group work

It’s group work time of the session! The library is currently trialling a Halo to help you! It’s a large moveable screen on wheels (MoCoW) and it’s located on Level 2.

It has a battery and can stay charged for up to 7 hours. This means you can use it anywhere! If it runs out of power, just plug it into a power point with the cord at the back.

It’s very easy to use, just connect your computer with the HDMI cable, switch it on and get started! You can all see the screen easily. We have some adaptors for Apple devices plus a remote control available for loan (3 hours) at the Loans Desk.

Features include:
Wireless: With the ability to operate wirelessly for up to 7 hours.
Integrated PC & Cable Storage: The PC is fully integrated into the structure and cabling is concealed giving a clean appearance.
Integrated Control: Features a dedicated mounting space to house an integrated control system keypad.
Flexibility: Screen height is adjustable 
Plenty of Space: 4 x 2RU rack mounted slots (for mounting a UPS, Video Conferencing codec, PC or network switch).
Easy Transportation: Pneumatic wheels have been fitted for easy transportation across all surfaces.