UTS Library

Timo Rissanen cross-stitch "A Letter to the Library" now on display on Level 3

2017 UTS Library Artist-in-residence is now on display: UTS Library, Level 3 (near Room 3.g)

Timo Rissanen is an artist, designer and educator whose work spans across fashion, sustainability and communication. He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate study with UTS, graduating with a PhD from the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building in 2013.

During his residency, Rissanen worked in-situ at the base of the Library stairwell cross-stitching a letter to the future users of the Library. A letter to the Library is a poetic documentation of his conversations with patrons, who were invited to stop and talk with him about our future. His conversations were a conscious act in challenging people to think about a future that exceeds their life-span, a future that affects others, provoking ideas on sustainability and responsibility in our current lifestyles. His transcriptions of conversations, ideas and stories through cross-stitch – a deliberately slow action – were a deep reflection on the Library as much more than just a place, but as a community. 

A letter to the Library, 2017 (cross-stitch on cloth) can now be viewed on Level 3.