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UTS Library Exhibition: Writing Women into History

detail of a publication by Georgia Finney featuring designer Phyllis Shillito.

Writing Women into History

An exhibition of typographic publications from the Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication 

Writing Women into History
 presents a selection of publications created by third year Visual Communication students as part of a typographic design and research project under the guidance of UTS lecturer Nicky Hardcastle. Each publication celebrates the life and achievements of 19th and 20th century women who served the NSW public in roles traditionally occupied by men. Featuring women in Australian history who served in the worlds of art, music, science, industry, technology and culture, exhibiting students have paid special attention to primary research methods and the inclusion of original sources in their unique interpretations.

Featuring works by: Alice Ballhausen, Zoe Binder, Kiera Boag, Geraldine Buzzo, 
Joyce Cheng, Georgia Finney, Nicole Kay, Finnian Mullally, Catherine Nguyen, 
Sherry Wang, Melissa Yang and Nicole Yeom.

Undertaking research at the State Archives and Records of NSW, students have selected their own female subjects from history bringing to light the stories and careers of remarkable women who were pioneers in the fight for equality and who paved the way to greater opportunities for future generations. Utilising a combination of typography, design and historical research, this UTS Library exhibition commemorates the life of important women, writing them back into our history. Writing Women into History exhibition is on display in the UTS Library stairwell, Level 2 until 24 August 2018. Image above: detail of a publication by Georgia Finney featuring designer Phyllis Shillito.