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Ada Lovelace Day: A Celebration of Women in STEMM (Tues 23 Oct)

The UTS Faculty of Science are celebrating Ada Lovelace Day (belatedly as the day actually falls on 9 Oct 2018) with a panel discussion, networking event with refreshments in collaboration with UTS Library and the Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion. Ada Lovelace was a 19th century English mathematician whose expertise and vision of computing's possibilities, were unmatched by any of her peers. The celebration aims to increase the profile and intake of women into STEMM fields, research, subjects and vocations. 

Be inspired by our guest speakers who will discuss their passions, defining moments and what drives their research. Featuring women in STEMM at UTS, opened by Dr Fiona Brooks, Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Health, the event will be convened by Dr Willa Huston, Molecular Biologist and advocate for equity and diversity in STEMM.

  • Dr Arti Agrawalis Associate Professor and Director, Women in Engineering and IT. Arti is a physicist who works on the intersection of physics, mathematics, engineering and computing. Arti’s research investigates how light behaves in optical fibres, solar cells, LEDs, Photonic Crystals & Fibres.
  • Dr Eva Cheng is the Deputy Director of Women in Engineering and Information Technology, and Senior Lecturer in the School of Electrical and Data Engineering. Researching in the field of multimedia signal processing, Eva also actively collaborates on social justice and community engagement in STEMM diversity and humanitarian engineering.
  • Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson is Associate Professor & Course Director of the Master of Data Science and Innovation in the UTS Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation. A data and information ethicist passionate about shaping future digital infrastructures, Theresa’s work as an educator and as a researcher engages with the ever-evolving relationship between people and emerging technologies, conceptually engaging with notions of risk, uncertainty and creativity.
  • Dr Rosy Cavaliere is a microbiologist involved with the investigation and identification of biofilm formation, particularly on human explanted medical devices. Rosy is also aCochlear (Pty Ltd) Fellow working at the ithree institute (infection, immunity and innovation) her research includes the study and visualisation of bacterial biofilms.
  • Dr Arian Wallach is a Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Compassionate Conservation. Arian’s research explores how large predators enable coexistence between native and introduced species.

Ada Lovelace Day is an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, maths & medicine (STEMM).