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Highlighting some recent additions to our collection by UTS authors and editors.
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Culture is Inclusion: a narrative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability

Scott Avery, Research and Policy Director at FPDN and PhD student at the Centre for Health Services Management, University of Technology Sydney

Description - ‘Culture is Inclusion’ is a remarkable and compelling story of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability presented in a unique way that combines traditional research methods and the concept of ‘yarning’.

Written from the personal accounts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability, researcher Scott Avery has complied a narrative that transports the reader to another world, hidden to most Australians. It is a world in which people are exposed to social inequality and injustices that most other Australians take for granted. Despite overwhelming disadvantage, these proud and resilient people continue to defy their experience by embracing their traditional culture of an inclusive society.

Rich in data and personal testimony, this thoroughly researched publication provides an important window into the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability and is a must-read for those involved in the sector, or those who care about social justice and hope to make a difference. The work leaves you wondering, ‘How can this be happening in our country?’ and hopes to spark others to continue the research journey.

Aussie Legends Alphabet

Beck Feiner, Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications), University of Technology Sydney

Description - Forget Alpha, Bravo, Charlie ...In this irreverent look at Australian cultural icons, A is for Adam Goodes, B is for Bob Hawke and C is for Cathy Freeman. This is no ordinary alphabet book! This is the official A to Z of amazing Aussies that make this country so great. Sometimes irreverent, always charming, and beautifully illustrated by Beck Feiner.

If I was Prime Minister

Beck Feiner, Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications), University of Technology Sydney,University of Technology Sydney

Description - The Prime Minister's job is to make our country as good as it can be. But every Prime Minister Australia has ever had has been a grown-up! What if the grown-ups weren't in charge? What would kids do if they ran the country? What would you do if you were Prime Minister?

Marketing National Parks for Sustainable Tourism

Stephen L. Wearing (Dr), Associate Professor, Management Discipline Group, University of Technology Sydney
Stephen Schweinsberg (Dr), Lecturer, Management Discipline Group, University of Technology Sydney
John Tower, Senior Lecturer in Recreation and Sport Management at Victoria University, Australia

Description - This book offers a comprehensive overview of the key principles and challenges involved in tourism marketing in a national park context. It provides a framework to apply marketing principles to inform practices and guide the sustainable management of national parks and protected areas.

The main themes address the foundation principles of marketing and contextualise these principles around a series of key insights and challenges related to the delivery of sustainable tourism services in national parks. The book centres on the issues faced by park managers as they address the need to manage national parks sustainably for future generations.

It will be of interest to natural resource and tourism students, tourism scholars and natural resource managers as well as researchers in the areas of geography and forestry.

Popular Culture, Voice and Linguistic Diversity: Young Adults On- and Offline

Sender Dovchin
Alastair Pennycook, Distinguished Professor, Adult Learning and Applied Linguistics Program, University of Technology Sydney
Shaila Sultana, Associate of the Faculty, Adult Learning and Applied Linguistics Program, University of Technology Sydney

Description - This book analyses the language practices of young adults in Mongolia and Bangladesh in online and offline environments.

Focusing on the diverse linguistic and cultural resources these young people draw on in their interactions, the authors draw attention to the creative and innovative nature of their transglossic practices. Situated on the Asian periphery, these young adults roam widely in their use of popular culture, media voices and linguistic resources.

This innovative and topical book will appeal to students and scholars of sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, cultural studies and linguistic anthropology. 

Professional transitions in nursing : a guide to practice in the Australian healthcare system

Wayne Varndell, Associate Lecturer, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney, PhD Candidate
Allister Hodge
Roianne West

Description - This book provides a practical and accessible guide to the core knowledge and skills required by nurse graduates entering the Australian workforce for the first time. Part I focuses on the structure of the Australian healthcare system and the national competency standards. Part II outlines the clinical skills and practices a nurse graduate must master including clinical assessment, risk management and reporting, management plans, diagnostics reasoning, collaboration with other health professionals and working with patients from diverse backgrounds. Part III looks at career planning and lifelong learning with advice on applying for a nursing position and continual professional development.

Listening to the Wisdom of the Desert

Joanna Thyer, Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Coordinator, University of Technology Sydney

Description - Listening to the Wisdom of the Desert is a modern Lenten program for group or personal study. Author Joanna Thyer has taken her theme from the first Sunday Gospel of Lent, Jesus's 40 days in the desert. Through six weeks she explores this theme using prayer, biblical reflection and modern stories. She asks: What is the desert in our own lives? What can we learn from it? To help with biblical reflection she provides a short introduction to Lectio Divina.

Fr Elio Capra's popular explanation of the Easter Ceremonies adds a major benefit to this unique Lenten study booklet. Spread over seven illustrated pages, readers have a clear and easy-to-understand explanation of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil. 

Inspiring photography and pertinent captions enhance the reflections and highlight key teaching points.

Innovation in the Asia Pacific : from manufacturing to the knowledge economy

Thomas Clarke, Professor of Management and Director of the Key University Research Centre for Corporate Governance, University of Technology Sydney
Lee Keun

Description - This book promotes the creation of advanced knowledge-based economies driven by innovation networks and the continuous development of human capital and capability. It provides valuable insights into the growing emergence of knowledge-based industries of the Asia Pacific, and highlights research on: modes of creativity and innovation; intellectual property; the components of national innovation systems such as firms, education and training; knowledge and technical infrastructure; and public policy.

The Asia Pacific region is currently in the process of transforming from being the manufacturing centre of the global economy to a centre of innovation for the knowledge economy, with the successful IPO of Alibaba in 2014 being a prime example of this shift. From a neo-Schumpeterian perspective, the region is increasingly engaged in shortening and intensifying cycles of innovation. The historic agreement at the Beijing APEC meeting between China and the US to radically reduce carbon emissions indicates that one imperative of this innovation is to contribute to sustainability. The fact that the US Government is moving away from this historic commitment, while the Chinese Government is endorsing the commitment, indicates an emerging opportunity for Asia to lead the world technologically in a vital industrial sector of the future.

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