UTS Library

Food for Fines campaign is now completed.

icon  Your outstanding Library fines need to be
under $50 to receive spring semester results.

Food for Fines is turning 10 in 2018!

Over the last nine years, UTS Library has collected over 12,500 food items from over 2,000 library clients, helping Mission Australia to feed the homeless and unemployed families and children living in poverty.

The Food for Fines campaign is a way for Library clients to contribute to a worthy cause and lower their fines at the same time. So if you have Library fines and want to make a difference, bring suitable food donations to the Library’s Enquiries & Loans Desk and support the disadvantaged in our community.

How do I donate? 
Food for Fines will run from Monday 8 October to Sunday 9 December 2018. 
Donations will be given to Mission Australia and can be made at the Enquiries & Loans Desk (front desk at UTS Library).

What can I donate? 
Students and staff can donate non-perishable items, including canned food, jars and packeted food (but no confectionery please). Items must not be damaged and the expiry date must not be before June 2019. For each item donated $3 is deducted and up to a maximum of $30 can be claimed off your fines. 

What if I don't have a fine but I'd still like to donate? 
The Library encourages clients (both staff and students) without fines to also donate, as it all goes to a worthy cause.