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City Campus Master Plan: UNPACKING THE LRS


The idea of humans being served by robots is no longer confined to the realm of Sci-Fi. In a few short months, UTS staff and students will start accessing books from our new Library Retrieval System (LRS), a state-of-art, underground facility which will see robotic cranes retrieve books on-demand.


  • Books can be accessed from the LRS from July 2014
  • This will be the first of many moves scheduled as part of the City Campus Master Plan and Kuring-gai Relocation Project
  • First underground LRS in Australia and first in the world to use RFID

So how exactly does the LRS work and what will be the impact on staff and students?

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Unpacking the LRS - City Campus Master Plan

Libraries go high-techBooks haven't been left behind in the move to up-date librariesThe Sydney Morning Herald (April 15, 2014)