UTS Library

Book marking

You may notice some books/items being marked on shelves in the Library beginning Monday 12 November 2018. This is in preparation for relocation to the Library Retrieval System (LRS). The marked books are being moved to the LRS ahead of the Library’s move to the new building in 2019.

  • Books/items that have been marked can continue to be borrowed as usual.
  • Any book/item that is moved to the LRS can still be requested for borrowing.
  • Storing books/items in the LRS increases study space in the new Library.
  • The marked books/items are scheduled to move to the LRS mid-2019.

The UTS Library is currently scheduled to move to UTS Central - Building 2 at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020.  Once in the LRS, any books/items can be requested for borrowing via the Library website.