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Food For Fines 2018!

Thank you to the hundreds of library clients who generously donated over 1830 food items to Mission Australia in our 10th Food for Fines campaign. 

On the 11 December 2018, 82 boxes of food were loaded into two Missionbeat vans. Most of the donated food will be sorted and distributed to people facing homelessness, while the ready-to-eat products such as muesli bars, tins with pull rings, juice packs and snack food are to be given out to the rough sleepers of Sydney.

Over the last ten years, UTS Library has collected over 14,300 food items from over 2,270 library clients, helping Mission Australia to feed the homeless, unemployed families and children living in poverty. Special mention this year should be given to the large number of food items donated by people who didn’t have any fines at all or those who did but just gave us extra items. One generous library client who didn’t have any fines donated 50 food items! A record so far.

UTS Library's Food for Fines campaign is a win-win for library clients, as they can contribute to a worthy cause and lower their fines at the same. This year the campaign ran from 8 October and was extended an extra fortnight (until 9 December) to allow more library patrons to participate. For each item donated $3 was deducted from their fines up to a maximum of $30. 

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Hi Anthony

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UTS Library, 3 weeks ago

Hi Anthony

Yes Food for Fines is on again. See the current news item which went up yesterday.

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