UTS Library

ProtoSpace - Library stairwell display

UTS Library's stairwell display showcases 3D printing processes at 
UTS ProtoSpace, an underground lab in Building 7. Protospace is home to Australia’s largest collection of advanced additive manufacturing technologies, empowering industry partners, academics, and students by providing access to
cutting-edge 3D technologies, software, and technical expertise.

On display

25 February - 22 March 2019
Level 2, UTS Library stairwell

Some of the objects on display have been created using a generative design process, in which a computer program generates optimum design solutions following a set of parameters. Others were designed with CAD and optimised through the use of Finite Element Analysis. Objects and samples on display include Rockets produced by the UTS Rocketry team, Jon’s Chair, New Object with Clear Plastic, Eiffel Tower, UTS Tower Building & Orange Stool. The investigation, research, and development being undertaken in ProtoSpace leads the digital transformation in the manufacturing sector, inspiring innovative thinking and design. This exhibition corresponds with the Transformative Technologies + Data Poetics exhibition in the Library foyer.