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The Student Learning Hub at UTS Central

What is the Student Learning Hub?

Located at the boomerang desks on Level 4 of UTS Central, the new Student Learning Hub is a place for students to find support on campus, year-round.

What’s the difference between this and all the other places students can get support, like the Student Centre, HELPS or UTS Library?

There are so many different places students can go for help that they sometimes don’t know who or where they actually need to go. The Student Learning Hub is like a one-stop-shop for students to receive advice on aspects of student life such as financial assistance, careers, assignment help, library services, or to have a general query answered.

Another key point of difference are the guides (you can spot them - wearing bright green shirts). When a student visits us at the Student Learning Hub, guides make sure they go to the right place to get the right advice, no matter their question.

Want to know more? Drop by the Student Learning Hub on Level 4 of UTS Central and chat to one of the friendly guides.



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Do you run some courses for tabluea?

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