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Highlighting some recent additions to our collection by UTS authors and editors.
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The Gifts of Life

Oliver Smuhar, Creative Writing Student, University of Technology Sydney.

Description - A multi-award winning debut akin to The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and Deltora Quest, creating a modern fantasy adventure fuelled by survival with a new twist on extraordinary powers.

You will journey into a world unlike our own, yet still somewhat similar. A world where everyone has an extraordinary power. In Kelton Whide, a teenage boy named Perry lived a peaceful life, who was always preoccupied by friends and his strong curiosity. On the eve of the yearly Ascension Ceremony something sinister forces Perry to abandon his home.

Swept on a journey, Perry and his friends fight for their survival in search for safety. As their travels become more dangerous, their powers begin to mutate. Sadly, they must sacrifice a small piece of themselves to enhance their abilities!

Through vast, concrete cities, never-ending stretches of desert, and lush green rainforests evil and misery blocks their path. But is it too late? Is Perry still that same curious boy? The only resolution comes in finding the Gifts of Life. The truth that has the power to change the world.

The Organisation of Tomorrow : How AI, Blockchain and Analytics Turn Your Business into a Data Organisation

Mark Van Rijmenam, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Management, University of Technology Sydney.

Description - The Organisation of Tomorrow presents a new model of doing business and explains how big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence force us to rethink existing business models and develop organisations that will be ready for human-machine interactions. It also asks us to consider the impacts of these Emerging Information Technologies on people and society.

Big data analytics empowers consumers and employees. This can result in an open strategy and a better understanding of the changing environment. Blockchain enables peer-to-peer collaboration and trustless interactions governed by cryptography and smart contracts. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence allows for new and different levels of intensity and involvement among human and artificial actors. With that, new modes of organising are emerging: where technology facilitates collaboration between stakeholders; and where human-to-human interactions are increasingly replaced with human-to-machine and even machine-to-machine interactions. This book offers dozens of examples of industry leaders such as Walmart, Telstra, Alibaba, Microsoft and T-Mobile, before presenting the D2 + A2 model – a new model to help organisations datafy their business, distribute their data, analyse it for insights and automate processes and customer touchpoints to be ready for the data-driven and exponentially-changing society that is upon us.

Midwifery Continuity of Care

Caroline Homer, Centre for Midwifery and Family Health, Faculty of Nursing, University of Technology Sydney.
Pat Brodie, Professor of Maternity Practice, Development and Research, University of Technology, Sydney.
Nicky Leap, Director of Midwifery Practice and Associate Professor of Midwifery, Centre for Midwifery and Family Health, Faculty of Nursing, University of Technology, Sydney.
Jane Sandall, Adjunct Professor, UTS Faculty of Health, University of Technology, Sydney.

Description - Midwifery Continuity of Care is a robust 'how to' guide to establishing midwifery continuity of care. Written by a team of international experts in their field, this book highlights lessons learned to help develop new ways of planning, implementing, evaluating and sustaining midwifery continuity of care for the benefit of women, babies and communities.

Key Features

  • Summarises the evidence for midwifery continuity of care to support policy makers, commissioners of maternity services and health service executives with their implementation of midwifery continuity of care
  • Practical real world examples, stories and experiences to bring to life the diversity of ways that midwifery continuity of care can be implemented
  • Highlights a range of issues for managers and leaders to be aware of, including organisational, industrial and safety and quality issues
  • Explores how building alliances can enable midwifery continuity of care to flourish, addressing scaling up and sustainability

Decolonizing Research : Indigenous Storywork as Methodology

Jo-ann Archibald
Jenny Lee-Morgan
Jason De Santolo, Associate Professor, School of Design, University of Technology Sydney.

Description - From Oceania to North America, indigenous peoples have created storytelling traditions of incredible depth and diversity. The term “indigenous storywork” has come to encompass the sheer breadth of ways in which indigenous storytelling serves as a historical record, as a form of teaching and learning, and as an expression of indigenous culture and identity. But such traditions have too often been relegated to the realm of myth and legend, recorded as fragmented distortions, or erased altogether.

Decolonizing Research brings together indigenous researchers and activists from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to assert the unique value of indigenous storywork as a focus of research, and to develop methodologies that rectify the colonial attitudes inherent in much past and current scholarship. By bringing together their own indigenous perspectives, and by treating indigenous storywork on its own terms, the contributors illuminate valuable new avenues for research, and show how such reworked scholarship can contribute to the movement for indigenous rights and self-determination.

What is Public History Globally? : Working With the Past in the Present

Paul Ashton, Adjunct Professor at the Australian Centre for Public History, University of Technology Sydney.
Alex Trapeznik, Associate Professor of History at the University of Otago, New Zealand

Description - Across the globe, history has gone public. With the rise of the internet, family historians are now delving into archives continents apart. Activists look into and recreate the past to promote social justice or environmental causes. Dark and difficult pasts are confronted at sites of commemoration. Artists draw on memory and the past to study the human condition and make meaning in the present. As a result of this democratisation of history, public history movements have now risen to prominence.

This groundbreaking edited collection takes a comprehensive look at public history throughout the world. Divided into three sections - Background, Definitions and Issues; Approaches and Methods; and Sites of Public History - it contextualises public history in eleven different countries, explores the main research skills and methods of the discipline and illustrates public history research with a variety of global case studies. What is Public History Globally? provides an in-depth examination of the ways in which ordinary people become active participants in historical processes and it will be an invaluable resource for advance undergraduates and postgraduates studying public history, museology and heritage studies.

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