UTS Library

Book returns at UTS Central

Library entrance Level 7

You can now return your library items to the new return chutes located at UTS Central (Building 2) on:

  • Level 5 just left of the UTS Reading Room entrance 
  • Level 7 outside the main UTS Library entrance.

As of Monday 25 November 2019 the old return chutes located in Buildings 1, 5 & 10 are closed.

To read updates on our library services visit our website lib.uts.edu.au.

Return chute instructions

  • Place first item under the red line.
  • Once the chute door opens (it will make an opening sound) place all your items into the chute one after another.
  • You’re done!



Hi Timothy, thanks for your

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Eleanor, 2 months ago

Hi Timothy, thanks for your question. Access to UTS Central is 24/7 for student and staff with ID cards so you can return books via these chutes anytime.

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